New Website and Blog for Hoyt House Bed and Breakfast Inn on Amelia Island

October 8th, 2010 by

Hoyt House, an Amelia Island Bed and Breakfast

Click to view the new website

InsideOut Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of a new website and blog for Hoyt House, an Amelia Island bed and breakfast inn in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

This beautiful new website was designed and developed by InsideOut Solutions in WordPress and features the photography of Christian Gianelli.

With the new WordPress platform, Hoyt House hosts Deborah and Myrta will be able to:

  • Manage their entire website with a single login.
  • Find everything easily with the very friendly WordPress user interface.
  • Make quality blog posts with the #1 blogging platform on the web.
  • Easily add, modify and delete website pages, page copy, blog posts, images and photos galleries & albums.
  • Enjoy easy Search Engine Optimization control.
  • Access InsideOut’s stock images and custom WordPress photos, recipes & specials plug-ins.

InsideOut Solutions is migrating many of our clients to the WordPress platform so that they may take advantage of the ease and flexibility of control it offers.  Please contact us if you’re interested in having your website upgraded to WordPress!

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Tourism Website for the Driftless Area of Wisconsin

June 10th, 2010 by

The New websiteWe want to share the new website for Driftless Wisconsin tourism and travel information. This area, covering several counties in southwest Wisconsin, is named for it’s terrain left untouched by continental glaciers. The term “drift” refers to the rock, clay, and silt material that left behind by continental glaciers. Driftless is known for it’s peculiar landscapes, including deep river valleys, caves and cave systems, underground streams, and cold springs. Cold streams with cold springs as it sources are noted as superb trout habitat.

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Bright Morning Inn’s new web site makes traffic soar

February 7th, 2010 by

What a difference a new website makes.  We recently launched a new website for the Bright Morning Inn of Davis West Virginia.  Susan has been a long time client of InsideOut Solutions and took the plunge this year to develop a new site.

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New Web Site for Richmond Bed and Breakfast

July 15th, 2009 by

The William Miller House is an elegant property in the historic Fan District of Richmond Virginia. A small Inn in Downtown Richmond Virginia, the innkeepers were looking to invest in a website that was going to be a great tool for them for years to come. With two guestrooms, they are extremely committed to customer service and providing dedicated & intimate care to their guests.

New Site Desgin for the William Miller House

New Site Design for the William Miller House

Beth Logan, our award winning lead designer, maintained the color scheme of their old site while modernizing the look and internal structure. Of course, all website designs at InsideOut are made with Cascading Style Sheets, and optimized for Search Engine Placement.

They have a different style of photo gallery, one that allows them to include descriptions of the photos. When a visitor clicks on the photo, it is pulled into a lightbox for better viewing. Try this feature on the breakfast page and click on the smaller inlay photos to view them larger.

The innkeepers of this Richmond lodging are active bloggers, and we made the RSS feed from their blog a prominent section of their footer.

The site is also loading very quickly as we work to improve some of our internal mechanics for even faster service of web sites. This means storing common Javascript and CSS files on a super fast server.

Mike has already told us the website has improved his business. How can we help you? Give us a call at 1-800-500-8401 or fill out our online contact form.

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It’s Friday! Last Bed and Breakfast Website Redesign

June 12th, 2009 by

It has been a fun and busy week here at InsideOut Solutions as we wrap up our week of five launches in five days.

Homespun Country Inn is located is pastoral Nappanee Indiana. A diverse community that is known for automobile manufacturing (formerly Rvs, now flat-bed electric trucks) and, on the other end of the scale, a large Amish population, makes this area a draw for both tourism and business travel alike.

Nappanee has a modest population of just under 7000, so it was important the Homespun Country Inn was able to establish themselves not only as a bed and breakfast for leisure travel, but also as a lodging property that would appeal to travelers that would normally look for a hotel in Nappanee.

The Homespun Country Inn New Website

The Homespun Country Inn New Website

The former website was far from achieving this goal. Dated, and rather unappealing, they were suffering from a high bounce rate of about 37%, with users spending an average of less than 3 minutes on the site, looking at less than 3 pages. Rooms photos we tiny, and unclear. The web site made the inn seem small, stuffy and unattractive.

What a difference a few hi-resolution photos and a great destination marketing team can do! The site now reflects the charm and beauty of the inn. The Homespun Country Inn has seen it’s bounce rate drop 25%, visits have increased by 16%, pageviews are up 156% and time on site is up 28%, just in the few days since the new site has been live. Wow! This is why our clients love our site designs: they are beautiful, effective marketing tools that allow the user to have a positive experience and the innkeeper to watch their ranking and reservations increase.

Your Web Site is Your Number One Marketing Tool!

Your web site is your first impression. The higher and more often you are found on the Internet, the better the perception of your business. So don’t let your web site give the impression that your business is old, dated, somewhat broken, messy, cluttered, or, heaven forbid, ugly. A new site design is the first step in making sure you are ahead of the curve in today’s travel and destination marketing environment. Don’t get left in the dust!

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New Tyler Texas Bed and Breakfast Website

June 9th, 2009 by

The Rosevine Bed and Breakfast & Guest House web site has been a work in progress for many months now.

Our lead designer Beth Logan worked with Innkeepers Rebecca and Burt Powell to maintain some of the stylistic attributes of the original site while creating something completely new. As we remind innkeepers over and over again, your website is your most important marketing tool, so it is not something that should become rusty or outdated. As you can see from the screen shots below, Rosevine’s old site was designed before screens had started to become larger, and it’s slim width shows it’s age.

The Old Rosevine site, click to see full-size

The Old Rosevine site

Our new design for Rosevine bed and breakfast

Our new design for Rosevine bed and breakfast

Rosevine has both bed and breakfast rooms, as well as extended stay suites. They asked us to design a web site that would allow visitors to clearly learn the difference between the two, and feature them both in an attractive and user-friendly manner.

The Rosevine property has a variety of amenities and facilities for guests to enjoy. This Tyler Bed and breakfast also has a game room inside of a large red barn, an outdoor hot tub, and various field sports/outdoor recreation.

We created a web site that would easily navigate the visitor through all the information they would need before coming to stay at the inn or suites, and what was included in these different lodging options. The site is also current with the most recent web standards for great Search Engine Placement.

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New Case Studies

October 27th, 2008 by

Check out three new case studies on the InsideOut Web site! Okay, we’re not talking Freud here people – but these case studies might give you an idea or two about making your dreams a design reality!

We like to post case studies so that folks get an in-depth take on how we go about the various aspects of new Web site creation. There are many steps involved in the process, and, to quote a great mind here in the office “our work on a website is never truly finished”.

We when design a client’s new Web site there are some key aspects to our design process: A cohesive look must be created throughout the web site and print materials. This is called “branding”.

We like to create a website that will give visitors a feel for the inn before they ever leave their computers. Whether it is a sophisticated Victorian home, a mountainous country ranch or a tropical island paradise, our designs will transport you there.

Another aspect of our design process that is oh so important is our built-in search engine optimization. When we design a website, we make sure that body text, titles and meta tags already contain a structure that will allow for great search engine placement and make it easy for further improvement by our promotion team. We are careful to maintain links to the old site in the newly designed site so that page rank and ever so important link building is not lost.

WARNING: Our designs are known to infiltrate the subconscious, you may be dreaming of your new web site after visiting one of our case studies!

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Minnesota's on Board

September 26th, 2008 by

Minnesota has witnessed all the good we can do and has signed up to be the next state with a site designed by InsideOut Solutions! Minnesota is a diverse state with lots going on and many beautiful areas to stay and visit.

Sweeping landscape and historic buildings are just part of what Minnesota has to offer. There is a thriving performance art culture, as well as many miles of trails and parks for hikers and outdoors man.

We look forward to encompassing all of these intriguing pastimes with the unique lodging facilities that dot the state. No matter where you are planning to go or what your interests are, there is a bed and breakfast nearby with an innkeeper waiting to share her favorite secret spot with you!

We look forward to the site going live in April.

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The Forks Chamber of Commerce New Website!

September 11th, 2008 by

The New Forks Chamber of Commerce Website!

The New Forks Chamber of Commerce Website!

Well, it has been a long time in the making and a labor of love, but the Fork Chamber of Commerce website is up and fully loaded! The site features a detailed listing of lodging available on the beautiful West End of the Olympic Peninsula, a special section on points of interest mentioned is Stephenie Meyers’ book Twilight, features an extensive online store full of fun Forks products and Twilight related goods. There is also a very fascinating link to various web cams throughout the Olympic Peninsula. The whole of Forks is getting geared up for this weekend’s Stephenie Meyer’s Day celebration! Saturday, Sept. 13, Bella’s birthday, will be a town-wide celebration of the author that made the sleepy little logging town of Forks a household name! Twilight fans are coming from all over to celebrate the literature they love! There will be a dance and moonlight bonfire with native storytelling…sounds like a killer night!

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One More New Face!!

September 11th, 2008 by

How could we forget to mention the fix-it queen, Miss Kailey Lampert? Kailey is also a new face here at InsideOut, although she was here ahead of Lisa and myself. In fact, she’s such a natural, I figured she was an old hand in our business!

One of our fabulous Web Technicians here at InsideOut Solutions! Kailey joined InsideOut nearly three months ago.

Kailey was born in California’s Bay Area and she lived there until 1999 when she moved up to Port Angeles, Washington with her family. Although the youngest of three by nearly 5 years, she feels more like a big sister than an aunt to her 5 year old (as of this post) nephew.

Kailey can’t remember a time when her home was without a computer (and today it has six) so she quickly became fascinated with all they can do, and after a brief lesson on HTML in seventh grade, she came to have a deep interest in web-development. However, at the time, she didn’t really get it, so after graduating from Port Angeles High School, she took two years of geek classes at the local community college and figured out everything she was doing wrong. Since then, she has taught herself even more and continues to expand on her understanding of web-building languages.

When she’s not glued to her desk, she does enjoy traveling to wherever so that she can grow her playing card collection, which is currently somewhere around 230 complete decks.

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