Sleek New Site Design for Classic Country Vacation Homes

August 21st, 2013 by

Classic Country Vacation Homes

Classic Country Vacation Homes

Classic Country Vacation Homes is made up of currently three vacation homes within minutes of Ithaca, New York.

The first rental, Clark’s Cottage, is a large, five bedroom farmhouse located on a spacious seven acres of lawn and gardens. Completely modernized on the inside, the space is luxurious and accommodating for up to 10 people comfortably in beds.

The second, Willow Creek, is a private home resting on three acres, neighbors to Taughannock State Park and Cayuga Lake. This rental is large and spacious, offering up six bedrooms and five bathrooms, sleeping up to 12 comfortably in King and Queen sized beds.

The third and final vacation rental, Good Vibrations, was originally built in the 1970′s, and offers that ‘retro’ feel while being packed with all the essentials for modern life. Offering five bedrooms with king beds, this quiet home sleeps up to 10.

All of the three vacation rentals come with all of the expected modern amenities, and above and beyond. Satellite television, DVD players, outdoor grills, fully equipped kitchens, and high quality linens ensure that your stay is as stress-free as possible. There is no shortage of things to do while visiting, either! Wineries, restaurants and pubs, shopping, outdoor activities, and the Cayuga Wine Trail await your visit.

This is Classic Country Vacation Home’s debut website, built entirely from the ground up to offer the sweet balance of bold elegance and modern design that truly captures the essence of these three stunning vacation homes. These rentals now have a place to truly call home on the web.

Has it been a couple years since your last upgrade, or just want a redesign of your current site? We have several different pricing plans for site design, as well as many upgrades and services to tailor your order to your specific needs. Contact us for a quote!

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R Lazy S Ranch New Website Design

August 21st, 2013 by

R Lazy S New Ranch Website

R Lazy S New Ranch Website

Located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, R Lazy S guest ranch sits in the heart of ‘the West’s most scenic area.’ Surrounded by the Teton Mountains, your weeklong stay at the ranch is truly a vacation from everything. A variety of outdoor activities await you, including (but not limited to) horseback riding, fishing, water-sports, rodeos, and hiking.

Close by is the shopping center of Jackson Hole, filled with unique, locally owned and operated art galleries and shops. R Lazy S is also situated so visitors often take day trips to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

During the week of your stay, everything is provided for you; every day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are hand-prepared, gourmet meals. Whether it be a cookout, a sit-down dinner in the lodge, or a buffet, it’s always delicious and it’s always all-you-can-eat. If you go fishing, you can even bring back your daily catch and they’ll cook it for you!

R Lazy S decided to go with a custom design for their new ranch website, so we crafted it just how they wanted it. Take a look by clicking on the screenshot above – it features large images on every page, lots of photo galleries, and beautiful background textures. It will even look great on your smart mobile device!

Contact us today to find out more information about how you too can upgrade your ranch site. We have several different design options available, as well as a plethora of additional services and customizations to ensure that your every need is taken care of.

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Find Worldwide Lodging with

August 5th, 2013 by

theinnkeeperHere at InsideOut Solutions, we love doing websites for lodging associations and travel destinations. We also enjoy taking on new challenges, so when Mariah Walters came to us for a redesign of her website, we gladly took on this new project.

But this wasn’t any simple redesign. TheInnkeeper has over 9,000 business listings, making it the largest association site we’ve done to date! Using WordPress means that the back end is more than able to handle this load, and every listing is easily updated by all of her members. New members can also sign up and pay dues online, with very little work on Mariah’s part.

The website itself is simple for visitors to use as well, thanks to the flexibility of WordPress. Choose your destination state or country and quickly see all of the member inns, hotels, or bed & breakfasts in that area. Each listing includes pictures, the address of the chosen lodging, contact phone number, website address, and if provided, an availability calendar.

Mariah’s team is also able to easily blog using their travel expertise. Travel tips, bargains, and worldwide news are accessible for visitors to browse.

If you’re interested in seeing what InsideOut can do for your association or business, contact us today!

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Parsonage Inn at Orleans, Cape Cod New Site Design

July 26th, 2013 by


Parsonage Inn at Orleans, Cape Cod

An Inn for all seasons, the Parsonage Inn in Orleans, Cape Cod was designed to be at it’s best no matter what the weather is like outside. The area is blessed with the four distinct seasons, and whether you choose to enjoy them traditionally or not, the Parsonage Inn is a great place to do so. People have been enjoying the seasons ever since the 1770′s when the Parsonage Inn was originally built. It even boasts features like original pumpkin pine hardwood flooring, over 200 years old!

The Parsonage Inn recently came into the hands of new owners, Jo-Anne and Richard Hoad, and they’ve added a fresh perspective for this historical Inn. They’ve refurnished and refurbished the whole Inn, and along with it they decided to add a fresh face online as well. With their old site designed in the late 1990′s, it was definitely time for an upgrade.

We worked with Jo-Anne and Richard to develop a welcoming look and feel for their new site to go along with their renovations. Not only does the new website look better, it’s a lot easier for Jo-Anne and Richard to get information directly to their audience, through the utilization of blog posts, special offers, and newsletters.

InsideOut is once again doing what it does best, and we can do it for you too! Contact us today to find out more information about how you can upgrade your site and start raking in business.

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Chamber of Commerce Site Shows Unforgettable Squam Lakes Experience

July 25th, 2013 by


Squam Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce

Squam Lake, New Hampshire – perfect for playing in the lake during the summer, staying in unique accommodations, or enjoying a quieter and more laid back life. The Squam Lakes Chamber of Commerce came to InsideOut to develop a Chamber of Commerce site that gave the feeling of home and warmth, and would show new visitors the beauty of the Squam Lakes area.

Just two hours outside of Boston, the towns around Squam Lake offer a slower pace than city life. Enjoy a museum rich with local history, hike a trail overlooking the lake, or be reminded what a home-cooked meal tastes like in a local eatery.

This gorgeous area didn’t just need a website facelift on the front end, but also needed something more robust for the members of the Chamber. Each member can now add photos and extra information to their listing, to help drive new business. The site has also been coded to be responsive. This means it will scale to all web devices, from computers to tablets to smartphones.

InsideOut can help organize and modernize your Chamber of Commerce or Association website!  Contact us today to find out more.

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New Winery Website Design for von Stiehl Winery

June 28th, 2013 by

von Stiehl Winery in Algoma, Wisconsin, is the state’s oldest licensed winery. Housed in an Italianate building on the National Register of Historic Places, the winery has a wonderful sense history as well as Lake Michigan views from their terrace. It’s a great place to visit, with fine wines and a laid-back, friendly atmosphere. The new website reflects both the sense of history and fun that the winery offers.

von Stiehl winery website

New website design for a Wisconsin winery.

The original winery website was designed by InsideOut back in the old days: 2008. It was a great site back then, but it was time for an update to their internet marketing efforts. They decided to sign up for InsideOut’s Advantage Plan Level 3. This allowed them to have a custom WordPress website with all the latest bells and whistles, including an event calendar, responsive design, and much more. The Level 3 services also include custom print work, free text and photos changes, Facebook services, Google Analytics reports and other support from a staff they’ve been working with for years. Winery Co-owner, Brad Schmiling, is really pleased with the result: “I love the way it looks! The pics are nice and big and enticing!”

Do you want a new winery website and a staff that’s responsive and helps make your business’ print and internet marketing a success? Contact us for a free quote!

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Spam and Postini: How Things Work After the Email Service Upgrade

June 26th, 2013 by

No-Spam logo

InsideOut Solutions’ hosted email upgrade changes the way you will deal with junk e-mail and will make spam management easier for you over time.

If you are an email client of InsideOut Solutions, you may notice an increase in junk mail/spam as we phase out Postini.  Those of you who have undergone the email service upgrade have received notification of this via phone or email.  However, there are some unique instances of spam management we wanted to pass along to those who are using email software

Those of you using Outlook, Windows Live, or any email client software to access your InsideOut-hosted email will need to do the following:

1) Check the Junk folder in your program (this is a recommended practice regardless of provider) to be sure trusted senders aren’t being routed to your Junk Mail by that email program.

2) Check your “Spam” folder at  This is the first line of defense for the new system we’ve implemented and it completely replaces Postini.  If you’re accustomed to signing in and checking Postini, this won’t be much of a change in process for you.  We recommend checking this Spam folder with some regularity as we have noticed that has been routed to at least a couple of clients’ spam folders.  Move trusted messages to the “Inbox” and move any messages you consider unsafe or junk to the “Spam” folder.

Why does the Spam folder stop email from coming to Outlook, Windows Live, etc.?

Some email programs don’t create a relationship between their own “Junk” folder and the “Spam” folder that exists on the server (or at  This is not our preference, it is simply how each program works. Previously, on the old system, your email and your spam were managed by 2 separate systems.  Now they are both managed by one.  Some of our Clients are using only the new InsideOut webmail system for email and this is easiest.  Checking your email through a Client like Outlook or Windows Live is just as good, but it requires that you check the Spam folder at to be sure that trusted senders aren’t being stopped there.

The good news is that if you check the Spam folder and find a trusted sender, you can move the message to the Inbox and the new system will learn from you that it should consider that type of message “safe”, NOT “spam.”  So then, it will end up in your Inbox, both at the website and then in your email Client (Outlook, Windows Live, etc.)

Why are we learning about this now?

As we manage email in this new system, we are also developing best practices that work for you as the Client.  Email is complex and sensitive.  We want to be sure that you’re using the best methods possible for yourself.  Our goal is for you to use your email “business as usual.”  As we discover additional best practices, we’ll pass them on to you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact InsideOut Solutions support.

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Your Blog Is Still Critical to Internet Marketing Success

June 25th, 2013 by

Computer on desk

Is the dust gathering on your blog as fast as (or faster than) it is on your desktop computer? Step away from the phone and dust off both your computer and blog to improve your inbound marketing efforts.

I receive a handful of customer calls per month that deal with the social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ et al.  While the customer outlines their questions, I go to their website to see if they have been blogging.  If they haven’t posted in more than a couple of weeks (typically it will be two or more months) I tell them I will be happy to help them, then ask them why they are neglecting the most important tool in their internet marketing box: their blog.

There is a small, but vocal group in the internet marketing industry that have been pronouncing blogging dead since the mid-2000s.  They picked up the chorus from their counterparts in journalism and related industries.

Here we are, almost 10 years after the first pronouncements of death for blogging and they remain a critical component to successful internet marketing for many.

The “Blogging Is Dead” Myth

Regardless of their focus, denouncers of inbound marketing via a blog all cite the rise of social media, the growth of mobile device internet use, and various other factors as the causes of blogging’s demise.  What they fail to note is that, despite all of these changes, blogging is still the best way for many businesses to generate fresh, quality content for their websites – a critical factor for website visibility in organic search.

Many champions of the idea that blogs have long passed their usefulness in internet marketing will cite sources such as:

Ironic, isn’t it, that blogging naysayers will write a blog post to quote or link to a (relatively “old”) blog post or article to announce the end of blogging as an effective internet marketing tool!

The destination & travel industry also has its share of “blogging is dead” supporters and their citations are just as suspect.  For example, a May, 2013 by Technorati article entitled “Is Social Media Killing Destination Travel” cited 3:AM Magazine’s August, 2007(!!!) “The Death of Travel Writing” article.

The “Blogging Is Changing” Reality

Why Aren´t You Blogging?

This boss may be rude and out of touch with today’s trends toward trendy social media outlets, but the question remains a valid one if you want to keep your website visible for targeted keywords in organic search.

While it’s untrue to say that blogging is dead and a waste of effort, it is very true to say that blogging, as with everything in internet marketing, is constantly evolving. Since 2007, blogs have shifted from simply general interest readership to an active component of inbound marketing.

HubSpot’s  2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report includes a survey of 3,339 marketers that shows 62% use a blog in their inbound marketing efforts.  Social Media Examiner’s 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, which also surveyed over 3,000 marketers, shows that blogging remains the #1 social media outlet that marketers want to learn and master, beating out even the increasingly hot Google+.

It may be true that blogging may not be a feasible online marketing platform for some businesses in some markets due to the high level of competition for organic search visibility and/or the shift to social media outlets of their target markets, but it certainly is not true for the clients we serve in the B&B inn, boutique lodging, dude ranch, tourism and related industries.

In fact, these smaller, niche businesses and organizations have a growing opportunity to get their content out to search engine users when they put in the necessary discipline and follow best practices in their efforts.  Client who do so typically see dramatic gains in organic search visibility and traffic.

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New Website for Honey Hill Inn & Cabins

May 16th, 2013 by

Honey Hill Inn & Cabins sits on 12 acres in the mountains of Chandler, just 15 minutes from Asheville, North Carolina. They offer a Bed & Breakfast style Inn as well as six cozy cabins, each with a view of the breathtaking Smoky Mountains.

You’ll never be bored during your stay at Honey Hill; it’s located just a short drive away from a wide variety of fun activities, such as plentiful hiking trails, whitewater rafting, shopping, sightseeing, zip-lining, and microbreweries, just to name a few! Even if you never leave the property, you can enjoy a stroll through their Butterfly Garden, relax atop Honey Hill in an Adirondack chair, or explore the 12 acres of grounds available.

Steeped in history, construction on the Inn was completed in 1895 by Captain John Hoyt, a Civil War soldier. Through the years it has retained is historic charm, but has been been maintained with modern amenities. It has also been listed ion the National Register of Historic Places. The cabins were constructed later, in the 1990′s and early 2000′s.

Honey Hill Inn & Cabins landed on our Level 2 Advantage plan for their site. A Level 2 plan includes a concept site, up to 10 pages, a mobile site, 3 years of hosting and domain registration, site analytics, training and support from our staff, and much more!

Are you looking to provide your future customers with a fresh web experience? Contact us for a free quote!

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New Custom Website Design for 63 Ranch

May 13th, 2013 by

New Website Design for this Montana Dude Ranch

New Website Design for this Montana Dude Ranch

63 Ranch was originally founded in 1863, and has been a family owned and operated dude ranch since 1929.  It was the first dude ranch in Montana to be declared a national historic site, and it’s one you won’t want to miss!  The Ranch adjoins Gallatin National Forest, is just 50 miles from Yellowstone National Park, and inhabits some of the most beautiful scenery in the West.  With activities from whitewater rafting to world famous fishing, and horseback riding adventures for all skill levels, this is the perfect family vacation!

Looking to take the next step with their marketing, 63 Ranch signed up for one of InsideOut’s Advantage Plans.  Their Level 3 plan gave them this beautiful new custom website design, and will continue to support them with business & rack cards, free text & photo changes, quarterly analytics reporting, training and support from our staff, Facebook services, and much more.

Are you interested in finding out what an InsideOut Advantage Plan can do for you?  Contact us for a free quote!

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