Your digital world just got a whole lot simpler.

A bare-bones web host is easy to find. They’ll take your money, give you a password, and leave you to fend for yourself. It’s harder to find a company to help you manage every aspect of your b&b website’s online presence.

The InsideOut Solutions Website Hosting Advantage

Our hosting is anything but bare-bones. We offer 100% free tech support by email or by phone, and complete service for everything from your domain name and b&b website to your email, photos, and changes to your site.

We offer industry-leading WordPress hosting with custom plugins and extra features that others can’t match. From support videos and easy-to-update website options like contact information, to full featured specials and packages plugins, InsideOut’s full time development and hosting team is here to serve you.

Hosting with InsideOut gives you:

  • Fast and secure servers
  • 99.5% uptime
  • Email included
  • Phone support (including 24/7 emergency support)
  • Extensive B&B Website Industry knowledge

Website hosting services offered to InsideOut hosting clients:

    • Mobile Site*
    • Specials and Packages
    • Recipes
    • Home-Page Banner*
    • Monthly Blogging and Social Media Webinars
    • Video Tutorials
    • Complete Social Media Package
    • Digital Post Cards (via NextGen gallery)
    • All-in-one-SEO
    • Forms (easy to create)
    • NextGen Gallery (the leading WordPress gallery solution)
    • Reservation Nexus Widget

  • Slideshow Maker*
  • Events Calendar*
* paid add-ons


Managed Hosting

InsideOut Solutions offers managed hosting solutions for our clients. What does this mean and how does it impact our clients? Managed hosting provides the most comprehensive and simplified solutions for existing and potential clients. This means we handle every aspect of web and email hosting, allowing our clients to focus exclusively on their business. We’ve tailored our hosting environment to maximize up-time, scalability, responsiveness, and redundancy to ensure the best experience possible for our clients. To make sure we stay on top of the current best practices, we are constantly evolving our hosting solutions to meet industry standards in security and up-time and will continue to evolve.

One very important aspect to our managed hosting environment is the way we build and manage your website. We build all of our websites in a very popular content management system called WordPress. WordPress is constantly evolving with the latest and greatest web technologies and has a proven track record of timely upgrades to stay on top of current trends. This allows us to maximize our offerings to our clients while not having to worry about software that will be outdated in a year. This also allows InsideOut to offer industry exclusive features to our clients that no other hosting company can provide. We are always looking for new features to add and improving our existing offerings, helping us stay on top of current trends in our industry.

Continue below to see exactly what we offer for managed hosting, the benefits for our clients, and how it translates into better business for everybody.


Due to our managed hosting environment, typical access to a website is not needed. Also, to maximize our security footprint, we limit access to a lot of services that we can handle under our managed hosting umbrella. These types of services include installing WordPress plugins and themes, FTP access, shell access, database access, or control panel access (such as cpanel or plesk). In special circumstances, permission to be able to install plugins and themes and FTP access can be granted; this is usually handled on a case-by-case basis.


How can I get new plugins or themes?
Simply send an email to our support staff and we can review any plugin requests. These typically take a week or two to complete, but once we are done reviewing, we will let you know the benefits to the plugin or any drawbacks to the plugin. We perform extensive reviews to ensure the plugin is safe and properly coded so there are no unknowns that may potentially harm a website.

Why is my access limited?
WordPress is a platform that makes it easy for developers to build upon. This means there are a lot of plugins and themes available for free (and for a price). However, the ease also makes it possible for less experienced developers to write code, but the drawback is code that may not be up to par. Many times code won’t work for the latest version of WordPress, or it only works under certain circumstances, or worse, the code damages your site and/or opens up security vulnerabilities. Because of the potential dangers in installing plugins and themes freely, unless previous permission is granted (see above) InsideOut requires that all plugins and themes be reviewed before they can be installed.

Contact us with any questions


wordpress logoCheck out to to find out why you need WordPress powering your site today!

With WordPress, you'll get great built in features, such as:

Manage your own photo galleries, you will have complete control over this exciting feature such as naming Albums that contain galleries, and labeling each image.

Built-in blog. Create your own content that will be indexed quickly by the search engines.  A blog is the best way to market your activities and area to the world.

Edit content yourself. With a new website you can also edit text, add or delete pages, add images and have access to several editing features in the toolbar. Since WordPress will give you control over your content, you’ll be able to save money by making your own changes. We know that little updates over time can get expensive, but with WordPress you’ll be able to manage most small changes on your own. If you still prefer InsideOut web technicians to do updates for you, they’ll be faster (and cheaper) than non-WordPress sites.

Managed Hosting Benefits:

  • - Peace of mind updates. All software is kept up-to-date with no interaction needed from the client.
  • - WordPress training, support, and on staff code experts.
  • - WordPress security in the form of industry leading plugins.
  • - Server side security including Firewalls, spam prevention, and injection attempt prevention to protect against malicious users help maximize your safety.
  • - Email setup, support, and industry standard email compliance (keeping your emails from being blocked by other hosts).
  • - Domain management including registrations and renewals.
  • - Industry leading compliance name servers to assist in DNS hosting.
  • - Daily and weekly backups of all web files.
  • - Hardware and software redundancy.
  • - Servers optimized to load websites quickly and efficiently.
  • - 24/7 monitoring of all web services and staff available 24/7 to help fix any issue day or night.
  • - Phone support (including 24/7 emergency support).
  • - Unlimited bandwidth usage.
  • - Website updates @ $80/hr done within two weeks, generally within 3 days.