Websites get old and stale, and when your web company says it is time for a new site, the reasons are far more than a sales pitch. This website was 15-18 years old and developed for another owner. Upgraded to responsive about seven years ago, it was not mobile-friendly by today’s standards, and of course, the rooms were also different now. A new website was needed.

Websites are an asset, and the goal of all marketing efforts should be getting people to the website and converting the visit to a sale. The website should always be the best representation of your business. If the site looks old and historical, it will make the potential guest think of grandma’s old house and not a worthwhile experience.

The new website dramatically boosted website visitation and conversions. These results are even more profound, considering this performance is during the Covid-19 travel restrictions.

However, this much growth is atypical, as other cases show you the norm. It should demonstrate that a new optimized website with fresh content and photos can make a BIG difference to your business and is definitely worth the investment.

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