InsideOut Solutions team
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InsideOut Solutions is a diverse and talented team of designers, coders, and marketing professionals serving the hospitality industry.

Among our group, you’ll also also find avid gardeners, a martial arts nut, former restauranteurs, a toy collector, moms, dads, artists, code geeks, hikers and music lovers. Hover over any of us to find out more.

Pat McCauley
Patricia McCauley
Patricia has presented at numerous conferenced across North America and is available to speak on current marketing and web trends in the tourism industry.
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Jim McCauley
Jim McCauley
Jim has had printing ink in his blood since the age of 16. He learned to operate small offset presses while still in high school and was able to use the same skills in the Air Force.
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Elizabeth Edwards
Beth Edwards
Web Design
Beth is InsideOut's lead web designer. Her beautiful websites capture the essence of her clients' properties and give her an outlet for her artistic side. She also loves playing board games with her husband Corey, cooking, and being mom to Ben and Charlie.
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Jack Waknitz
Jack Waknitz
Web Development
Jack lives with his wife and two children in Port Angeles, Washington. In his free time Jack enjoys playing soccer and lacrosse, and hiking.
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Jennifer Lozada
Jennifer Lozada
Print and Graphic Design
In her free time, Jennifer is a visual artist, creating large-scale drawings and paintings--both abstract and representational. She also teaches and competes in martial arts.
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Brad Doss
Systems Administrator and Web Development
Brad has always shared a love for the latest and greatest technologies, but he is also an avid outdoor enthusiast; hiking, biking, camping, and climbing at every opportunity.
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Corey Edwards
Corey Edwards
Updates and Customer Support
Corey enjoys writing, reading, atypical musics - both collecting and creating - producing perplexing and humorous graphics on his computer, and most of all, spending time with his wife (and co-worker) Beth Edwards, and their kids: Mel, Ben, and Charlie.
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Taylor Hasenpflug
Web Developer
Taylor is a coder, and has experience in many languages, including (but not limited to): C, C++, C#, Obj-C, Lua, Java, HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery, and PHP.
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