Email Support Pricing

We offer free support information on this page. All the info you need is found in the side bar, or you can use the Email Setup Wizard below. Most phones, computers and devices offer free set up support from the manufacturer, they’ll be more qualified to assist you with setting up individual devices. Providing the info on this page to your tech support should aid them in helping you more quickly.

If you need email support from InsideOut staff, please note that it is $100/hour, billed in 15 minute increments. You can save time by having the client email type and version ready when you contact us. Contact us via our online support form, or phone us at 800-500-8401.

Helpful DIY Info:

  • >>Click Here to Go to Email Setup Wizard << – Use the Email Setup Wizard to configure your computer’s client email software or mobile device app.
  • Server information to use for your email settings in client email software (see right sidebar)
  • Email terminology you will encounter when setting up email
  • Spam email management instruction (bottom of page)

Additional troubleshooting for error messages or software troubles can be found at either the Apple support site or the Microsoft support site. NOTE: The information on this page is only for support of email services from InsideOut Solutions. If you need technical support for any other issue, please head over to our Technical Support Page or send an email to

Server Information

InsideOut’s mail server information is as follows:

Recommended setup:

IMAP with SSL:
Port: 993

SMTP with SSL:
Port: 465

Other setup options:

POP3 with SSL:
Port: 995
POP3 Server:
Port: 110
IMAP Server:
Port: 143

SMTP Server:
Port: 587

Software & Devices Supported

Apple Computers OSX: Apple Mail, Outlook 2011 & 2016, and others, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage, etc.
Microsoft Windows Computers: Outlook 2007, 2010 & 2013, Linux, and others, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.
Phones & Tablets: Android, Apple iOS iPhone, Blackberry, Windows.

Email Client (Program) Support

In the rare case that there is something wrong with your email client (program) or computer, you’ll need to get assistance from either Microsoft Office Support or Apple Support.

Email Terminology

You may see or hear some unfamiliar terms when dealing with setting up your email. Here is a brief guide of some of the terms that are used:

Email client – The program you use to check your email. This includes Mac Mail, Outlook, Windows mail, and many others.

Webmail – A website where you can check your email, in lieu of (or sometimes in addition to) a mail client. Our webmail address is and you may download our webmail user guide to learn how to use this powerful and intuitive email system.

POP3 – This is the old standard server type for your incoming mail. Your email client connects to our mail server, and pulls all of your email from the server into your mail client on your computer or mobile device.

IMAP – This is the preferred method for incoming mail. If you set up using IMAP, your email client mirrors what is happening on the server. All incoming emails will be accessible from any other device (as long as they are set up using IMAP). If a mail is deleted from any of the devices, it is deleted on all devices.

SMTP – This is another term for your outgoing mail server, or who you connect to to send email (“simple mail transfer protocol”).

SSL – An additional layer of security for email.

Username (or user name) – Client email software often uses username for login. In the case of email accounts hosted by InsideOut, the username of the email account is the full email address.

Password – Each email mailbox account has its own password. If you’ve lost your email password, you may contact us to reset it (note that resetting with a new password will require you to update the password in each client email you use).


Having trouble with your client email software and/or device? So long as you have an internet connection, you have access to your InsideOut email accounts via our webmail service. Read, reply to, and forward messages with ease. Many of our clients have chosen our webmail as the full-time tool to manage their email. Simply login with your email address and password at For more info view our Webmail User’s Manual.

Spam Email

You can check your spam filter at (our webmail site). Log in using your full email address and password. Once you are logged in, you can click on the “Spam” folder on the left. If an item is not spam, simply move it to the inbox.

You can also edit your spam settings. In the upper right-hand corner of webmail, next to your email address, there are three horizontal lines. Click on those lines, then click Settings. Click on Spam Settings and you can turn turn on/off the spam filter or add email addresses to your approved or blocked senders list.

More spam email management information.