We recently finished the new web site for the Inn at Cape Cod located in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts. With in one week our company received more then a dozen requests to develop a web site just like what we had developed for the Inn at Cape Cod. It is always great to receive praise for great work and this thank you from the innkeepers really made us feel we hit a grand slam.

“We wanted to choose someone to design our website who had a proven track record, but also who would be prepared to work closely with us to achieve the website we wanted. Inside Out Solutions were our choice, after many months of research, and we were delighted with their professionalism and dedication to the art. Beth Logan, our designer, was very patient with us during the design process and offered us many great suggestions to enhance our own ideas, creating a quite magnificent website which our peers have nothing but praise for. Last year, when we had our old website, our potential guests would call with a room enquiry and would say they would call back, but 90% did not. This year, the difference is staggering, and that is all down to our new website. We estimate that 90% do call back and make a reservation. We feel we have a website to be proud of; after all, it is our shop window, and we want people to come in and to buy……..now that happens most of the time. Thank you Inside Out Solutions!”

– Mike and Helen

The new web site

The old web site