Hot off the presses!

One of our clients has been acknowledged for their contribution to the green movement. In an effort to be kinder and gentler to the environment, industries of every shape and size are beginning to clean up their act—and clean up the earth. The media is following the movement closely and publishing advances as they happen.

Lookout Point Inn's Gardens and Waterfalls

Lookout Point Inn

Lookout Point Inn, located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, was noted by Ben Abbott and Richard Morgan in the Forbes Traveler story “America’s Greenest Hotels 2008” as setting green trends for the hospitality industry in Arkansas. Lookout Point Inn is giving old towels and linens to charity, while letting staff take home half-used paper products instead of trashing them. Their detergents are biodegradable and all light bulbs have been replaced with compact florescent bulbs, just to start. You can explore the eco-friendly practices of Lookout Point Inn on their website.

Lookout Point also has an environmentally green discount guests can take advantage of for reducing their carbon footprint.

We are really proud of Lookout Point Inn and encourage everyone to do what they can, small or large, to contribute to the betterment of their community, and therefore society.