We are proud to present the Professional Innkeepers Association of New Orleans web site to the world!

BBNOLA, as we have so fondly referred to the site, went live on Friday. It is a beautiful site, full of nifty features and insightful traveler information.

The site also features one of our signature maps – thanks Jack! – showing the city broken down by neighborhood. It is a great Google map displaying the sections of the city with B&Bs highlighted and color coordinated.

MEMBER ALERT! Make sure to download the BBNOLA graphic to your homepage so that you can proudly proclaim you are a member of this exclusive group, and also link to the association Web site. We are recommending that all members do this for marketing and SEO purposes. The more links the new Web site has, the more it will growing the rankings. Therefore, the better your business’ visibility will become through being linked to an important site like BBNOLA.