Check out three new case studies on the InsideOut Web site! Okay, we’re not talking Freud here people – but these case studies might give you an idea or two about making your dreams a design reality!

We like to post case studies so that folks get an in-depth take on how we go about the various aspects of new Web site creation. There are many steps involved in the process, and, to quote a great mind here in the office “our work on a website is never truly finished”.

We when design a client’s new Web site there are some key aspects to our design process: A cohesive look must be created throughout the web site and print materials. This is called “branding”.

We like to create a website that will give visitors a feel for the inn before they ever leave their computers. Whether it is a sophisticated Victorian home, a mountainous country ranch or a tropical island paradise, our designs will transport you there.

Another aspect of our design process that is oh so important is our built-in search engine optimization. When we design a website, we make sure that body text, titles and meta tags already contain a structure that will allow for great search engine placement and make it easy for further improvement by our promotion team. We are careful to maintain links to the old site in the newly designed site so that page rank and ever so important link building is not lost.