Hacienda Vargas is a very special property. A beautiful adobe structure built in traditional Spanish style with a large courtyard, innkeepers Cynthia and Richard have done a wonderful job maintaining the estate. Located in a tiny town called Algodones, the inn is smack dab in between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, along the historic El Camino real.

Hacienda Vargas’ old web site had almost no large photos of the inn, rooms or wedding chapel. Cynthia & Richard provided new photos, many of them from former guests, which gave the site a very authentic feel.

Because of Vargas’ unique wedding facilities (that includes a 200-year-old Adobe chapel), we wanted to give this aspect of their business a bigger presence on the new site than before. The wedding page now shares photos from intimate ceremonies in the ancient chapel, as well as photos for large events in their lush green courtyard.

New site design for Hacienda Vargas in Santa Fe NM

New site design for Hacienda Vargas in Santa Fe New Mexico

We helped the innkeepers to clearly outline what was included in their wedding packages, so that potential brides would have clear information about weddings at Hacienda Vargas.

Because Hacienda Vargas is about half an hour from both Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and Algodones is such a small town, Hacidena Vargas is interested in ranking online for Santa Fe and Alburquerque bed and breakfast terms. So for their area page, we encouraged the innkeepers to tell us about their guests favorite attractions, recreation and things to do in these cities. This content will help their placement for these city terms.

Over a long process of collaboration with designer Beth Logan, we are proud to present bed and breakfast website number 3 for the week.