It has been a fun and busy week here at InsideOut Solutions as we wrap up our week of five launches in five days.

Homespun Country Inn is located is pastoral Nappanee Indiana. A diverse community that is known for automobile manufacturing (formerly Rvs, now flat-bed electric trucks) and, on the other end of the scale, a large Amish population, makes this area a draw for both tourism and business travel alike.

Nappanee has a modest population of just under 7000, so it was important the Homespun Country Inn was able to establish themselves not only as a bed and breakfast for leisure travel, but also as a lodging property that would appeal to travelers that would normally look for a hotel in Nappanee.

The Homespun Country Inn New Website

The Homespun Country Inn New Website

The former website was far from achieving this goal. Dated, and rather unappealing, they were suffering from a high bounce rate of about 37%, with users spending an average of less than 3 minutes on the site, looking at less than 3 pages. Rooms photos we tiny, and unclear. The web site made the inn seem small, stuffy and unattractive.

What a difference a few hi-resolution photos and a great destination marketing team can do! The site now reflects the charm and beauty of the inn. The Homespun Country Inn has seen it’s bounce rate drop 25%, visits have increased by 16%, pageviews are up 156% and time on site is up 28%, just in the few days since the new site has been live. Wow! This is why our clients love our site designs: they are beautiful, effective marketing tools that allow the user to have a positive experience and the innkeeper to watch their ranking and reservations increase.

Your Web Site is Your Number One Marketing Tool!

Your web site is your first impression. The higher and more often you are found on the Internet, the better the perception of your business. So don’t let your web site give the impression that your business is old, dated, somewhat broken, messy, cluttered, or, heaven forbid, ugly. A new site design is the first step in making sure you are ahead of the curve in today’s travel and destination marketing environment. Don’t get left in the dust!