Kenmore Air Seaplane in Flight

InsideOut Solutions is now providing online marketing services for Kenmore Air. We are thrilled to be working with Washington State’s “third largest airline” to promote travel to and from all of Western Washington’s diverse locations.

All of the islands, peninsulas and waterways make Western Washington a beautiful place to live. They can also make transportation complicated. Washingtonians are lucky to have the country’s largest ferry system. But getting from place to place on the ferry system can take a good chunk of your day.

Luckily Kenmore Air provides scheduled and chartered airline service to dozens of  island and peninsula locations. Planes are faster than boats. What’s even faster than a plane? A plane that can land on water.

Kenmore Air Seaplane at Port Ludlow

Recently Pat McCauley and myself (Steven Dunston) were invited to Kenmore Air headquarters (you guessed it, it’s in Kenmore!) at the northern tip of Lake Washington. Kenmore Air was generous enough to offer to pick us up with a seaplane in Port Ludlow, which gave us a chance for a first-hand experience of our new client’s service.

Puyallup and Spokane Ferries seen from a Kenmore Air Beaver

The seaplane taxied right up to the dock in Port Ludlow Harbor. A hop up the ladder, a hello to the pilot, and seconds later, we were heading across the harbor, and into the air. Soon we were looking down on the Ferries Puyallup and Spokane, as they passed each other on their respective ways to Edmonds and Kingston.

We had a great meeting at the Kenmore Air Headquarters with their staff, and soon we were back in the float plane, headed back to Port Ludlow and our offices in Sequim in time for lunch.

If you are planning any travel to the Olympic Peninsula or the San Juan Islands, Kenmore Air just might be the ticket.

Pat McCauley and Steven Dunston at Kenmore Air Headquarters on Lake Washington