InsideOut Roadtrip! Making our way to PAII NW

It isn’t very often that we get to drive to a conference without first getting on a plane. How delightful to spend time with colleagues wending our way from the northern edge of Washington State in a 4+ hour drive through small towns, misty forests, hugging salty inland waterways replete with oyster beds and fishing boats on our way to the 2011 Northwest Innkeeping Conference and Trade Show held just south of Portland, Oregon in Clackamas.

With the conference located in such close proximity to the offices of InsideOut Solutions in Sequim, WA, it’s become possible for a good number of the staff to travel to the conference to meet innkeepers from all over the Northwest, including Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.

Having clients in each of these states and BC, means we’ll have the opportunity to meet many of them face to face, some for the first time. Representing the Web Department at PAII NW this year is Beth Logan, Lisa Lidback and Corey Edwards. Shawn Kerr is attending his first conference as the Online Marketing Manager. Skyla Grimes offers technical support and is the New Client Point-of-contact person, also attending her first conference as a Representative of InsideOut. Pat McCauley, President of InsideOut Solutions, along with Beth Logan, Lead Designer, will be giving a presentation during the conference on Best Website Design Practices for Today’s Market.

As for the rest of the InsideOut Team, we’re back at home base, taking care of servers, coding new sites, designing print materials, and improving Search Engine visibility for our clients.