Cloud computing is the biggest buzzword in the tech industry right now. Here are a few Questions & Answers to help explain the mysterious “cloud”…

Cloud Web Hosting & Computing

InsideOut Solutions offers web hosting “in the cloud” and cloud computing services.

What Is Cloud Computing?

On the fancy, technical side, cloud computing separates processing power from storage and data. Once these items are separated, one can pay for the processing power alone as a service. This is just like paying for electricity for your home. This is the fancy version of cloud computing which is not a service most people actually use directly in their everyday lives.

What most people mean when they say they’re “in the cloud” is that they have access to their data from anywhere. A great example of this would be if you use web-based email like Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Your email lives in “the cloud” and doesn’t reside on any one server. The data and processing power are split up among many servers and services.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting allows the server to be independent from the website content. The content lives in one place, while the server that displays the websites and images lives somewhere else.

What Are the Advantages of Cloud Host Servers over Traditional Servers?

Cloud servers are much more scalable than traditional servers. This means they can handle large traffic spikes much more efficiently than a traditional web hosting server. Cloud servers are also much easier to move around and add more processing power and memory.

Does InsideOut Use the Cloud to Host My Website?

Yes! We host all of our websites on cloud servers running state-of-the-art security suites (that “fancy version” of cloud computing). Our cloud servers provide a fast, secure, and reliable hosting environment for our client websites.

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