Recently, InsideOut Solutions conducted a DNS migration as phase 1 of a service upgrade for its Clients.

Now, phase 2 is beginning, and it involves the migration of email from the current system to a new one.

Why are we doing this?

This service upgrade will provide more security and better individual management of email accounts.

Why are we doing it now?

We and our clients will have a better experience by completing the service upgrade as soon as possible.

Will my email be shut down during the process?

No, you will have a place to check your email throughout the entire process.

What does it involve?

It is a 2-day process.  On day 1, Josh will be doing administrative work to migrate the email.  Expect to hear from him at least once as he’ll be pointing you to a new website where you can check your email until he contacts you on day 2.

On day 2, Josh or Brad will contact you to help you set up your computer, smartphone, and/or tablet so that you can receive mail through the new system.  Day 1 won’t involve much participation.  Day 2 will require more time.  It’s important that when scheduling the migration with Josh and Brad, that you consider what works best as day 2, which will then help them schedule the day 1 portion.

Will my password change?

Yes, it will.  The new system works with high-security passwords to protect your email account.  If, after the process has ended, you still want to change back to your old password, Josh or Brad will explain how to do this.

Will how I check my email change?

In some cases, you might experience small changes in how you check your email (specifically for Outlook users).  We work to try to ensure that your experience in checking email is as familiar to you as possible.

What about spam?

The new email system will combine what was previously two separate systems (email and Postini).  After the migration is complete, there will be a two-week period when you will continue to receive Postini (TESTUDODATA) emails regarding spam.  However, the Postini accounts will be going away.  In Postini’s place, you will be able to manage spam directly from your inbox.  Initially, this will require some work on your part to filter spam to the spam folder and then check the spam folder to be sure good messages are routed to your inbox.  After a few weeks, this work should diminish substantially, and the new email system will be learning which emails are safe (for inbox) and which emails are not (spam).

What do I need to do now?

Contact Josh Wise ( to schedule day 2 of the migration (enabling him to schedule both days 1 and 2). Josh will need a few more details before the migration can start; he’ll indicate these needs in an email response. Also, please let him know what devices (computer, smartphone, tablet) you use to check your email, and also what programs you use (Outlook, Windows Mail, Mac Mail, Gmail, etc.).

Thank you for your patience and your help in this service upgrade.  As always, InsideOut solutions is striving to offer you the best experience.