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InsideOut Solutions’ hosted email upgrade changes the way you will deal with junk e-mail and will make spam management easier for you over time.

If you are an email client of InsideOut Solutions, you may notice an increase in junk mail/spam as we phase out Postini.  Those of you who have undergone the email service upgrade have received notification of this via phone or email.  However, there are some unique instances of spam management we wanted to pass along to those who are using email software

Those of you using Outlook, Windows Live, or any email client software to access your InsideOut-hosted email will need to do the following:

1) Check the Junk folder in your program (this is a recommended practice regardless of provider) to be sure trusted senders aren’t being routed to your Junk Mail by that email program.

2) Check your “Spam” folder at  This is the first line of defense for the new system we’ve implemented and it completely replaces Postini.  If you’re accustomed to signing in and checking Postini, this won’t be much of a change in process for you.  We recommend checking this Spam folder with some regularity as we have noticed that has been routed to at least a couple of clients’ spam folders.  Move trusted messages to the “Inbox” and move any messages you consider unsafe or junk to the “Spam” folder.

Why does the Spam folder stop email from coming to Outlook, Windows Live, etc.?

Some email programs don’t create a relationship between their own “Junk” folder and the “Spam” folder that exists on the server (or at  This is not our preference, it is simply how each program works. Previously, on the old system, your email and your spam were managed by 2 separate systems.  Now they are both managed by one.  Some of our Clients are using only the new InsideOut webmail system for email and this is easiest.  Checking your email through a Client like Outlook or Windows Live is just as good, but it requires that you check the Spam folder at to be sure that trusted senders aren’t being stopped there.

The good news is that if you check the Spam folder and find a trusted sender, you can move the message to the Inbox and the new system will learn from you that it should consider that type of message “safe”, NOT “spam.”  So then, it will end up in your Inbox, both at the website and then in your email Client (Outlook, Windows Live, etc.)

Why are we learning about this now?

As we manage email in this new system, we are also developing best practices that work for you as the Client.  Email is complex and sensitive.  We want to be sure that you’re using the best methods possible for yourself.  Our goal is for you to use your email “business as usual.”  As we discover additional best practices, we’ll pass them on to you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact InsideOut Solutions support.