The Maryland Bed & Breakfast Association has received a new directory website design utilizing the latest and best web technologies and trends. The new website is built in HTML5 and CSS3 with a focus on fast page loads and a responsive design.

New Directory Website Design for Maryland Bed & Breakfast Association

Built using our own directory website system inside of the WordPress platform, Maryland Bed & Breakfast Association members are given a full range of features to control the content of their own listings.

Large, colorful photos from all across the state have been incorporated to bring the undeniable beauty of Maryland into the site. An important foundation of the new Maryland Bed & Breakfast Association directory website design, these rich and bold background photos resolve at full width to your browser, imbuing the site with warmth and color. We also included a fixed, sticky navigation that stays in view no matter how far down you scroll, leading to a friendlier and easier user experience.

The responsive aspect of the directory website design ensures that the site looks good no matter what size screen or device you are using. Like all of InsideOut Solution’s recent and current custom website designs, the Maryland Bed & Breakfast Association site is fully responsive, adapting across virtually all potential aspect ratios.

If you would like to learn more about what we can do for your association, destination, or directory website design, contact us.