Azalea Inn Print Marketing DesignsWe’re proud of the relationship we have with Teresa and Michael at Azalea Inn. For over 5 years we have worked together to present the beauty of Azalea Inn to the visitors across the web. Ours is a successful relationship, one that has strengthened over time. Recently, Teresa explained that they needed to update the site in order to incorporate their new vacation villas. She loved the site as it was, and wanted specific branding elements to remain the same, but needed to add new content and refresh parts of the site for the new identity.

Azalea Inn & Villas (Savannah, GA)

Part of Azalea Inn & Villas’ branding is reflected in some soap labels and other print marketing that we furnish as part of our graphic design and print services. Teresa wanted the branding to remain consistent not only for this reason, but also because the B&B’s identity is already established. So our Lead Designer, Beth Edwards, went to work. She recreated the logo to no longer read “Azalea Inn & Gardens”, rather “Azalea Inn & Villas”. From there, she redesigned some of the larger site features, and changed the primary typeface to be a bit more modern. Beth did all of this with careful consideration and subtlety to preserve the recognizable identity of the bed and breakfast, while making it new enough to present the addition of the villas.

Azalea Inn Before and After Site Launch

Working with Clients to Build a Beautiful Internet

Azalea Inn & Villas knew that their website must be easy to use. A beautiful, but difficult to use website will send visitors elsewhere to choose a different hospitality venue. But being easy to use isn’t the only factor. A website must be visually appealing, as well, especially a B&B website. Our clients trust us to know our business, to know how to create a beautiful and easy-to-use website. Responsive website design means controlling the mechanics of HTML5 styled with CSS3 so that elements on the page move about freely, and scale for various screen sizes without sacrificing readability. Think of HTML5 as the vehicle and the CSS3 as the vehicle design; both of these work hand-in-hand in responsive design. To work properly and smoothly, responsive design requires a lot of planning in the design phase, as well as careful consideration and execution during the development phase. Read our June post: Responsive Web Design – Is It Time to Redesign or Upgrade Your Website? and contact us with any questions or to request a quote.