Managed Web Hosting - Make Sure It's SecureThe recent news of a number of bed & breakfast websites being hacked across the United States and Canada makes clear the importance of security when it comes to web hosting.  Because of their business model, most boutique lodging, B&B innkeepers and dude ranch owners choose managed web hosting, but it’s critical that they understand just what effective website hosting management services include.

What Is Managed Web Hosting?

Managed web hosting, at it’s very core, offers proactive management services for:

  • Security
  • Memory
  • Storage, and
  • IT Support

Properly managed services maximizes website and e-mail service up-time by providing scalability, responsiveness and redundancy.  Of these services, the most important to anyone marketing their business online should be:

Web Security

123208401Your priority in choosing a managed web hosting service provider should be the level of security their service offers.

Security updates for each component of hosting, including server, the website Content Management System (CMS) & database and email, should be handled promptly by the provider.

Beyond this, comprehensive managed hosting will also take care of any CMS add-ons, such as WordPress plugins, and will remove any that prove to be prone to security problems.

Managed web hosts should offer a 24/7 emergency technical support service for security issues.

Doing Your Part to Keep Things Secure

All the security measures your managed web hosting provider offers cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness.  And, while nothing can make that guarantee, you can support the efforts of your hosting provider by committing to best practices for your website CMS and email accounts.

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