InsideOut Solutions managed SSL hostingEffective July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will mark all non-HTTPS sites as ‘not secure.’ If your site has not made the migration to SSL hosting yet, now is the time to do so.

This push towards HTTPS encryption is nothing new.

Google began differentiating the ranking signals of SSL-certified HTTPS websites and non-HTTPS websites back in 2014. Then, as we told you last August, 2017 saw Google’s Chrome browser displaying “Not Secure” notifications for logins and other data entry forms on non-HTTPS webpages.

This latest update from Google will have the Chrome browser displaying “Not Secure” notifications in the address bar of all non-HTTPS webpages.

secure page vs non ssl hosting page

The address bar of a non-https site (left) vs that of a site with https (right)
as the Google Chrome browser will soon begin displaying them

Why Does Google Want Websites to Use HTTPS?

The need for increased internet security is growing rapidly and SSL-certified HTTPS is a key component in the battle. SSL-certified HTTPS is nothing new new – it’s just more important now than ever before, unfortunately.

SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer. It is the protocol for securely transmitting data between a visitor’s browser and your website using secure HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTPS). SSL hosting requires an SSL certificates issued by a trusted third party and display a green lock icon in a web browser’s address bar, as seen above.

Why Your Business Should Have Managed SSL Hosting

Those seemingly little warnings in your address bar and on your forms can have a big effect. They’re a sign to visitors that their data may not be safe with your site.

Further, it’s not just the “Not Secure” notifications scaring prospective customers away you need to worry about. SSL hosting provides much needed encryption of sensitive information and provides authentication, two very important tools in helping to keep both your site and visitors safe.

InsideOut Solutions Offers Managed SSL Hosting

InsideOut Solutions hosting clients who upgrade to SSL hosting receive:

  • GeoTrust logoAn annually renewing SSL certificate for their domain issued by GeoTrust
  • Installation of SSL certificate and switch of website delivery over HTTPS connection
  • Redirect of all HTTP web addresses to HTTPS using WordPress configuration and/or .htaccess file
  • Updating all internal links on domain to point to HTTPS web addresses
  • Following launch, we also:
    • Update Google Analytics property & view(s) as needed to use HTTPS
    • Update Google Search Console and resubmit the website to Google for quicker indexing of the switch to HTTPS

Managed SSL hosting means your web services are actively monitored and maintained. Managed hosting is the best solution for small businesses lacking the knowledge or time to safely self-manage their own hosting and SSL security for HTTPS.

Sign Up For Managed SSL Hosting

InsideOut Solutions’ current and incoming managed web hosting clients can purchase a Managed SSL Hosting Upgrade for a one-time setup fee of $250 and $100 per year for annual certification. Request this upgrade online, by email to, or call to 1-800-500-8401 and we’ll get the gears in motion!