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Ariel Ferree

Sales & Digital Marketing

A love of storytelling, an artistic eye, and an interest in psychology led Ariel Jasmin Ferree to earning a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. While in college, she was recruited to join the Executive Development Program at Macy’s, the iconic fashion brand. Her marketing career began in the fashion industry where she honed skills in creating strategic sales based marketing campaigns and learned the importance of relationship management. Her four year career with Macy’s was spent managing local sales and marketing for specialty brands like Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Coach, Clinique, and Estee Lauder.

Longing to write and tell her own story, Ariel left the corporate world in 2016 to travel the United States, Spain, and Portugal for two years. She used her professional skills in marketing, storytelling, and networking to develop a freelance career in social media managing and blogging. The evolution of traditional marketing to digital marketing was transforming the landscape and opening the door to a new creative space. In this space, Ariel refined her content creation skills within the travel, sustainable living, and ethical fashion industries – topics that she felt passionate about.

Question & Answer

• What excites you most about the current landscape of web design and/ or marketing?

The internet has always been a place of hidden potential like an elusive universe beyond our screens. Recently, there has been a resurgence of transparency that is creating new, authentic online communities. As someone who loves building community through storytelling it feels like a time where marketing can be more integrated and tailored than ever before.

• What’s a little known interesting fact about you?

I attended the 2014 Grammy’s in Los Angeles after winning the trip over the radio! It was a random experience that you never expect to happen to you. They flew my partner and I out to LA with tickets, hotel, and transportation included. We got to see Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney reunite to play together!

• Are there any causes or charities that you feel particularly passionate about and support?

You can often find me blogging, networking, and sharing information on vegan and sustainable living in my free time. As a human being on this planet I feel that the ultimate cause is learning how to protect and cause the least amount of harm the planet I call home. Find me sharing on @WeTheWildflowers or donate with me at

• What’s the last three things you liked/followed on social media?

Calliope Magazine; a travel mag based out of Port Townsend, WA near our office headquarters.  The Innate Life – an organic beauty brand. And, a yoga studio in the Bahamas!

Connect with Ariel Ferree

1-800-500-8401 ext 317 –

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