The Stockbridge Inn came to InsideOut for a new website because they needed to raise their occupancy. They are located in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts, a very desirable destination but also extremely competitive. 

Their site was at least seven years old and needed new structure, text, and optimization and to be more visually pleasing. Because they were in high tourism season, we were committed to helping get a new site launched as soon as possible. They provided the materials and images in a timely manner, and we were able to build them a beautiful, responsive visual site that also performs very well.

Their Google Analytics shows a performance boost as website traffic is up 21% over the same period as last year. But the real value is in their increased revenues, which are up 132%. These results are even more profound, considering this performance is during the Covid-19 travel restriction.

InsideOut also provides The Stockbridge Inn with Advanced Digital Marketing services.

All I can say is Lisa, and I should have engaged you and your great team in creating our website and our marketing efforts A LONG TIME AGO! Thanks!

Jeff and Lisa

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