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A new trend gaining ground around the country sees parents taking their children on non-traditional, distance learning vacations during the school year. The remote learning vacation, or “schoolcation,” offers unique opportunities for students, their families – and forward thinking inns and B&B’s.

2020 has been one heck of a roller coaster ride and, though the year is almost over, it doesn’t look like our coaster cart is coming to a stop any time soon. The coronavirus pandemic has us in living situations that would have been inconceivable less than a year ago. Daily routines are upended, the kids are home, and just going out to the store can be a trial.

Despite this, bills still have to be paid. Life must go on – and that can take some creative, outside-of-the-box thinking.

One example of this is the growing trend of remote learning vacations. Taking your kids on a vacation during the school year used to be a no-no. Now it’s beginning to look like a possible boon!

The Remote Learning “Schoolcation”

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More Americans are working from home now than ever before. Many of them with children who are also attending school from home. A vacation might not be the first thing that comes to your mind in a situation like this – but if you can, why not?

A change of scenery after months and months of being locked down at home could be just what the doctor ordered. Especially for those stir-crazy students.

Further, the vacation destination can become a strategic part of the schoolcation. Nature, history, science, and other topics can be brought to life by a visit to related attractions. No book, lecture, or film can compare with actually doing the thing or visiting the place.

Providing for Distance Learners

Civil War battlefields are just one excellent schoolcation destination

Your area’s historic, natural, or other popular attractions may draw “schoolcationers” but that’s not all they’ll need for a successful stay.

One of the main things visiting students will require is a quiet study area, preferably separate from their guest room. Somewhere with few distractions so that they can concentrate on the considerable amount of work they may have.

Another key is connectivity. Remote learning students rely on programs like Zoom to connect with their teachers and classrooms. Much of their assignments and study resources are also online, so a robust, uninterrupted web connection is a must.

Knowing what your area has to offer the visiting student is also important. Many hospitality professionals are crafting distance learning vacation specials or even partnering with local attractions to offer educational packages.

Further Inspiration

These are strange times and it sometimes seems the challenge has never been greater. Yet, we are all in this together and, with a little adaptive creativity, we’ll soon be through to the other side.

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