Branching out beyond lavender
Jardin du Soleil is one of the premier lavender farms in Sequim, WA–the Lavender Capitol of North America. The 10-acre farm produces organic lavender oil used in a variety of products. The gorgeous gardens and purple rows of lavender also make Jardin a popular tourist destination. After nearly 10 years of focusing on lavender, the owners wanted to expand to new products. They needed a sophisticated new look with greater flexibility–something that would work with their current lavender products, as well as new spa products, housewares and beyond…

From design to implementation–fast!
InsideOut’s print marketing department spent some time talking with Jardin’s owners, Pam & Randy Nicholson, before developing the initial designs. The new brand would need to work well in product displays, print ads, signage–both large and small sizes. The owners wanted a timeless logo that could stand changes of fashion. We informally tested the designs on the target market: women ages 30 and above. Based on their feedback, we decided a black & white logo using classic typefaces would be just the thing.

We also established fonts, colors and patterns to go with Jardin’s new logo. Creating a consistent, branded look was well worth the effort. With these standards in mind, it was quick work re-designing and re-printing all the labels for their wide array of products.
With only two months before the start of the tourist season, we were able to get everything ready just in time. Pam & Randy’s quick decision-making and clear direction were also critical to getting so much done on a tight deadline.

The update continues
Pam & Randy are very happy with the results of the re-branding. In addition to printing thousands of new product labels, InsideOut has used the new branding in the creation of full page color ads, a rack card and business card. Because the look is consistent, their products and marketing pieces coordinate well together. As a result, customers will have a much easier time remembering the brand.

The update will continue with a redesign of the website at and more labels as Jardin du Soleil expands its product lines.