The New Forks Chamber of Commerce Website!

Well, it has been a long time in the making and a labor of love, but the Fork Chamber of Commerce website is up and fully loaded! The site features a detailed listing of lodging available on the beautiful West End of the Olympic Peninsula, a special section on points of interest mentioned is Stephenie Meyers’ book Twilight, features an extensive online store full of fun Forks products and Twilight related goods. There is also a very fascinating link to various web cams throughout the Olympic Peninsula. The whole of Forks is getting geared up for this weekend’s Stephenie Meyer’s Day celebration! Saturday, Sept. 13, Bella’s birthday, will be a town-wide celebration of the author that made the sleepy little logging town of Forks a household name! Twilight fans are coming from all over to celebrate the literature they love! There will be a dance and moonlight bonfire with native storytelling…sounds like a killer night!