How could we forget to mention the fix-it queen, Miss Kailey Lampert? Kailey is also a new face here at InsideOut, although she was here ahead of Lisa and myself. In fact, she’s such a natural, I figured she was an old hand in our business!

One of our fabulous Web Technicians here at InsideOut Solutions! Kailey joined InsideOut nearly three months ago.

Kailey was born in California’s Bay Area and she lived there until 1999 when she moved up to Port Angeles, Washington with her family. Although the youngest of three by nearly 5 years, she feels more like a big sister than an aunt to her 5 year old (as of this post) nephew.

Kailey can’t remember a time when her home was without a computer (and today it has six) so she quickly became fascinated with all they can do, and after a brief lesson on HTML in seventh grade, she came to have a deep interest in web-development. However, at the time, she didn’t really get it, so after graduating from Port Angeles High School, she took two years of geek classes at the local community college and figured out everything she was doing wrong. Since then, she has taught herself even more and continues to expand on her understanding of web-building languages.

When she’s not glued to her desk, she does enjoy traveling to wherever so that she can grow her playing card collection, which is currently somewhere around 230 complete decks.