About von Stiehl Winery
The von Stiehl Winery is Wisconsin’s oldest licensed winery, founded over 40 years ago. Their Riesling, Oktoberfest and Naughty Girl wines are among the most popular of their many recipes. Specialty fruit wines such as Cherry Kirsche and Wisconsin Cranberry regularly win gold and double gold medals. The winery itself is housed in an Italianate building listed on the National Historic Registry. Thus, the winery is a popular tourist destination open year-round for tastings and seasonally for tours and festivals.

Co-owner Brad Schmiling wanted to update their brochure. The old design was informative, clear and easy-to-read, but didn’t capture the personality of the winery. Brad wanted the look to express quirkiness and fun, as well as tradition and elegance. From our discussions with him, it was clear he preferred designs that broke up hard edges and avoided the blocky look of rectangular photos and columns of text. Brad also wanted the brochures as soon as possible, with design time charges less than $1,000.

A new size, a new look
The old brochure was a non-standard size, which meant it was more expensive to print and required a larger envelope to mail. To solve these issues, we chose a 12″ x 9″ format that folds to 4″ x 9″ . The new size fits a standard display rack and #10 envelope while giving plenty of room to showcase photos. Fortunately, vonStiehl had numerous excellent photographs. We chose warm appetizing colors pulled from the photos. Brad also liked the informal look of cutout images, so we incorporated that into the brochure, too. Traditional typefaces and the weathered old paper give a sense of history and elegance. The map on the back helps visitors understand where Algoma is located in the state. The inset helps them zero-in on the winery’s location in town.

The update continues
Brad is very enthusiastic about the new look:

“We love the design of the new brochure. I wouldn’t have even been able to
picture it ahead of time. It’s just right!”
– Brad Schmiling

We managed the printing of 30,000 brochures to cover their distribution from the winery (from in-house displays and mailings) and visitor information centers. Due to the spot-on design and Brad’s decisiveness, the design time was less than half of his $1,000 budget and the brochures were delivered right on time. To maintain consistent branding, InsideOut will apply the brochure’s design to von Stiehl’s new Web site, currently in process.