We want to be your home on the web

We want to be your home on the web

You may know us for our print and web design portfolio, but InsideOut Solutions has also been offering bed and breakfast website hosting for over a decade. We have steadily grown, mostly by word of mouth and referrals from happy hosting customers. So what makes our services better than a generic web hosting plan? Let’s start by focusing on three things: Understanding Innkeepers, Inn-specific Tools, and Location.

Great Hosts: It Takes One To Know One

Successful innkeepers pride themselves in understanding and spoiling their guests with personalized hospitality. Instead of hosting human travelers, we host websites. But the same rules apply. Because we have spent so many years working with Innkeepers, we understand your schedule, your requirements, your target market, and your competitors. If you’re a member of your state association, there is a good chance that we develop, support and host your state association’s website. And we know how to optimize your listings and profiles for your target demographic on sites such as Trip Advisor, BedandBreakfast.com, and Google Map Search.

Web Tools Designed Especially for Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers

Our CompleteCare Webhosting includes tools you won’t find anywhere else, including Specials and Packages, Recipes, Photo Galleries, Gift Certificates, and the ability to edit all of the copy on your website yourself. Change prices, upload a photo, add a new discount package, in real time, on your own time, with no cost and no delay. All of these features are included with your hosting package price. One time setup fees may apply for some hosting features.

Of course, if you prefer to have us make updates and changes to your site for you, or if you have more substantial changes in mind, we can get that done for you quickly, to your satisfaction, at reasonable hourly rates, billed in 15 minute increments.

We provide free technical support for all of our hosting features, including email. After business hours, we have an emergency contact line 24/7 to report any service interruption. If you have a question, or a problem with your website, you can call us with the peace of mind that the call is free of charge.

Location, Location, Location

For a bed and breakfast, location is crucial, and the same is true on the web. InsideOut owns and maintains our own web servers. So we can guarantee you performance and stability that is a cut above what you can expect from a typical bargain web server. Our hosting servers reside in a secure building right on a major backbone of the internet, providing low latency, massive bandwidth, and a high level of redundancy and security.

Perhaps even more importantly, we can guarantee the quality and relevance of the sites running on the servers next to you. We only serve clients in the boutique travel industry. So your site won’t be associated with, or compromised by unsavory or illegal content living on the same network.

InsideOut Solutions is the Digital Bed and Breakfast

We don’t run a bed and breakfast, but we like to think of InsideOut as a digital inn, and we want to be your home on the web. Hopefully you will find that our hospitality and attention to detail will remind you of the excellent service that you provide to your own guests.

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