Key West Map

Garden House Map

Google Maps gives users of your website access to interactive content that you would otherwise not be able to provide them. Giving a visual representation of your business’ location and activities nearby is a powerful way to get users interested in staying at your destination.

More than just driving directions, a Google Map with local restaurants and things to do can really sell your property. The Garden House Inn, a very fun  Key West Lodging has a great example of a map displaying proximity to local businesses. They are close to downtown and this map shows the many opportunities for guests to have fun and enjoy their time in Key West.

Cape Cod Map

Inn at Cape Cod Map

If your business is not as close to the action, a Google Map can show the surrounding region as well. Maybe show all of the great golf courses nearby or lakes and rivers in which guests can fish and boat. Also, your map could show potential customers travel routes to and from your business like the the map we built for Inn at Cape Cod, a Cape Cod MA bed and breakfast.