Trifold brochure for new Olympic Peninsula marketing strategy

Trifold brochure for new Olympic Peninsula marketing strategy

Bridge closure inspires new directions in marketing…
The Hood Canal Bridge is the main eastern access for tourists visiting Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula. This spring, the bridge underwent a much needed retrofit, resulting in a five-week closure. The local tourism organization, Olympic Peninsula Tourism Commission (OPTC), took special measures to promote lodging and other tourism-related businesses while the bridge was closed.Â

Among these efforts was a brochure directed to southern markets in Olympia, WA and Portland, OR. OPTC called upon InsideOut to design the piece and implement the online elements of the promotion. With the success of this piece, OPTC may use it as a template for additional pieces targeting markets to the north and east.

Pictures tell the story
There are six distinctive communities on the Peninsula. No amount of text could represent their unique qualities as well as big glossy photographs. It was decided that photos would be the means to tell their story.

In addition to large photos representing all the communities, OPTC also wanted a large map, an events calendar and lists of web sites and visitor centers in a clean uncluttered layout. Budget and distribution via newspaper insert determined a trifold format of 25.5″ x 10.875″ folded down to 8.5″ x 10.875″. How was it all going to fit?

InsideOut decided to concentrate the text on the back panel, a logical and easily accessible place for reference information. (When you’re in a hurry, it’s easier to just flip a brochure over than to open it up.) The rest of the space was now open for large photos with minimal text.

OPTC also wanted to include an incentive that might change with each version of the brochure. The special offer was placed on the back panel and directs readers to the OPTC website where InsideOut created an easy-to-use form that visitors can use to enter the contest.

160,000 brochures were printed and distributed via inserts into major southern newspapers such as the Oregonian and the Olympian. The response to the special offer has been good and OPTC is very happy with the speed and quality of the design.