The Rosevine Bed and Breakfast & Guest House web site has been a work in progress for many months now.

Our lead designer Beth Logan worked with Innkeepers Rebecca and Burt Powell to maintain some of the stylistic attributes of the original site while creating something completely new. As we remind innkeepers over and over again, your website is your most important marketing tool, so it is not something that should become rusty or outdated. As you can see from the screen shots below, Rosevine’s old site was designed before screens had started to become larger, and it’s slim width shows it’s age.

The Old Rosevine site, click to see full-size

The Old Rosevine site

Our new design for Rosevine bed and breakfast

Our new design for Rosevine bed and breakfast

Rosevine has both bed and breakfast rooms, as well as extended stay suites. They asked us to design a web site that would allow visitors to clearly learn the difference between the two, and feature them both in an attractive and user-friendly manner.

The Rosevine property has a variety of amenities and facilities for guests to enjoy. This Tyler Bed and breakfast also has a game room inside of a large red barn, an outdoor hot tub, and various field sports/outdoor recreation.

We created a web site that would easily navigate the visitor through all the information they would need before coming to stay at the inn or suites, and what was included in these different lodging options. The site is also current with the most recent web standards for great Search Engine Placement.