Something easy you can do to increase your market share is explore other top sites on Google for your search terms.

For example, say you own a bed and breakfast in Tennessee. The first thing that you want to do is explore what kind of sites are showing up in the top 10 on Google for your state and city name. For example, if your state association web site and a B&B directory web site are some of the top listings when you search for “Tennessee Bed and Breakfast”, you may want to consider joining these web sites. Not only will this enable you to get visitors to your site via these memberships, but it is also good for your web site’s Search Engine Placement.

You don’t have to limit your exploration into “link-building” with lodging and location terms. If you also hold weddings at your B&B, you will want to explore the terms that potential brides are using to plan their wedding in your area. Often times you can join a wedding web site not only as a ceremony location but as a lodging option for a honeymoon or for the bride & grooms’ family.

Use relationships with other Websites to promote your business

Not all links are the same

Other sites to explore for a listing or a link might include theme parks or seasonal attractions, like ski parks or water sports companies like rafting outfitters or other outdoor activity outfitters that attract people for overnight stays, such as hunting trips.

Remember when you are trying to build links to not get involved with “link circles” or paying a base price for a group of links. Google frown on this and can penalize your site for these activities. After all, building links with other businesses in your area or in your industry is just like networking face to face or business to business. You wouldn’t buy paper plates to serve your breakfast on just because it is cheap and fast. It doesn’t give you the reputation you want, nor does it last. The same can be said for link circles.

Building reputable links for your web site is something that we preform here at InsideOut for our promotion clients. Feel free to contact us about marketing your bed and breakfast web site.