Fan Page Admins can now Unmerge their Merged Fan/Places Page!

If you are Facebook user who had created a Business or Fan Page, spent time and effort cultivating your Fan base through custom tabs and funtionality, then unwittingly “merged” your page with a Places page (complete with Bing map to pinpoint your location), this will be very good news.
On December 23rd, Facebook began rolling out the option to Unmerge to Page admins.

The option to merge an existing Fan Page with a Places Page was first rolled out in August, but many Fan Page admins became instantly unhappy with the merge when they realized they had lost their tabs, and the ability to set a default landing tab, like a “Welcome” message and graphic.
Though the merge offered a way to manage their Places Page (with a fan’s ability to “check in” much like one does on Four Square or Yelp) and their Fan page at one location, the decrease in Admin functionality was found to be limiting by many.


Facebook Unmerge Confirm Request

As you move through the process of Unmerging, you will be greeted with this Confirmation of the request. The good news is that not only will your page be restored to its previous form with Tabs at the top, but you will be able to set a default landing tab if you had created custom tabs for your Page. And best of all, you will have a claimed Places Page, that you can also manage, which we discussed in our previous blog post.