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User Generated Content: Leverage happy guests online!

August 27th, 2019 by Ariel Ferree

  Word-of-mouth was considered one of the most effective forms of marketing; now, there is user-generated content. As consumer insights continue to show, overly branded content gets lost in the never-ending stream of marketing that consumers face daily. There is a sense of redundancy in marketing and advertising now that makes it easier to tune… (Read More)

Hashtag Marketing for Hospitality Professionals

June 25th, 2019 by Ariel Ferree

There is a collection of generations that call the criss-cross sign on your keypad a pound symbol. Younger generations more readily identify that same sign as a hashtag. No matter the generation you fall in, today’s marketing has made the hashtag a symbol you need to know. If you want to know how to communicate… (Read More)

Your Facebook News Feed will soon change to display more content from friends and family and less from businesses. For the casual user, this could be a good thing. But what about those of us with a business presence on Facebook? You’d almost have to have been living under a rock to be ignorant of… (Read More)

Post Status Updates from Your Facebook Page to Twitter

March 3rd, 2012 by InsideOut Solutions

You’ve mastered your Facebook Fan Page, and feel comfortable posting status updates, photos and links from your blog. But you’ve been told that it’s equally important to create and use a Twitter account for your business as part of the suite of social media platforms that are so important to get your message out. But… (Read More)

Using Pinterest to Enhance Your Online Visibility

February 12th, 2012 by InsideOut Solutions

Internet Marketing Weekly: Pinterest is an image sharing social media platform that has been gaining a rapid rise in users, 10 million so far, and is showing itself to step far and above other image-sharing sites like Picasa and Flickr in search over the last eight months. Obtaining entree to Pinterest has proved a challenge… (Read More)

Social Media Round-Up: September 2011

September 20th, 2011 by InsideOut Solutions

There have been some major leaps and bounds in social media this month. Read on to discover important features and enhancements in Facebook, Google+, You Tube and Twitter to help you navigate the social sphere of your marketing efforts.  What’s New This Month on Facebook? 1. Facebook Subscribe Button added to Personal Profiles: Similar to… (Read More)

Could Groupon and LivingSocial Be Doomed? Facebook has just launched its second deals program: Social Deals. The new effort appears to resemble Groupon-style daily deals. The original “Facebook Deals” is now being called “check-in deals” to distinguish it from the new program. Check-in deals, free to users, are mobile centric and operate much like conventional… (Read More)

If you are Facebook user who had created a Business or Fan Page, spent time and effort cultivating your Fan base through custom tabs and funtionality, then unwittingly “merged” your page with a Places page (complete with Bing map to pinpoint your location), this will be very good news. On December 23rd, Facebook began rolling… (Read More)

To Merge or not to Merge on Facebook

December 2nd, 2010 by InsideOut Solutions

About 45 days ago, Facebook began offering Business page owners the option to also “claim” their Places Page (this uses address data pulled from and integrated with Bing Maps). If you either come across your Places Page, or are asked by Facebook: “Is this your Business?” You will be asked if you’d like to Claim… (Read More)