Agritourism and your bed and breakfast

Offer your guests the experience of harvesting produce for an evening meal.

For many decades people have traveled to their favorite pumpkin patches, dude ranches, corn mazes and farms, loading the kids in the car and making their way out to see rural America.  Agritourism isn’t a new idea in travel. The new idea is that Agritourism can be marketed as destination travel. By developing travel packages that include farm based activities and services, these packages will provide marketing weight to draw visitors to your business.

Agritourism includes a wide variety of farm and farm-related activities, including:

  • Recreation: Fly Fishing, Hunting, Bird Watching and Horseback Riding.
  • Education: Canning Classes, Cooking Classes, Wine tasting and Tours.
  • Entertainment: Festivals, Harvest Parties and Petting Zoos.
  • Hospitality Services: Lodging, Farm to Fork and Guided Tours.
  • Direct Sales: Farmers Markets, Souvenirs and Fruit Stands.