New Website for Southern Comfort Bed and Breakfast

Southern Comfort Bed & Breakfast New Orleans

We are happy to have launched a new website for Southern Comfort Bed and Breakfast, located in the Uptown/Garden district of New Orleans. Cindee, a New Orleans native, delights in sharing her knowledge of the city and surrounding locations. Whether it is the architecture, the food, music or culture, she takes the time to ensure her guests make the most of their New Orleans experience With a new website, Cindee can now share that experience with her guests before they even arrive. With a brand new custom WordPress site, this bed and breakfast can now live online as a window into this comfortable and charming bed and breakfast, located in a fun, historical city.

This new website features large image areas to showcase the beautiful Inn Photography by Elizabeth Campbell and amazing food shots.

Websites Built in WordPress

Yes this is a WordPress site, but that does not mean it is just another template. When you consult InsideOut to develop a new custom site, it is just that. We use our talented InsideOut design team to work one on one with you to make sure you are completely happy with the design before we begin to build it into Inndx, which is a blog and website service specifically created for bed and breakfast Inns and powered by WordPress.

Your brand new website is built from the ground up, and once launched you are provided with a username and password so you can log into your website and have access to the most powerful client management system (cms) on the web today!

Our Custom Platform is Built for the Hospitality Industry

Here are a few things you will be able to do with your new Inndx website:

  • Manage your own photo galleries, you will have complete control over this exciting feature such as naming Albums that contain galleries, and labeling each image. All images pop up when clicked to view larger so you can insure that your potential guests will have the best idea of what your Bed and Breakfast Inn looks like.
  • Built-in blog. You will log in to your website and see what is called a dashboard. Inside of this dashboard you will find access to all of your pages and blog posts. This is also the same area where you will create new blog posts and manage all of your blog post photos.
  • InsideOut has developed some really handy plugins to further enhance editing capabilities for Innkeepers. As part of a new website design, you get the Specials and Packages plugin and or the Recipes plugin. This lets you create specials and or recipes similar to how you create blog posts, and they will appear magically on your specials and packages page!
  • With a new website you can also edit text, add or delete pages, add images and have access to several editing features in the toolbar

One of the greatest advantages to having the ability to update your site in Inndx is cost. Updates can get expensive, and if it is just a small change you need, you just need to log in and change it. If you still prefer InsideOut web technicians to do updates for you, it will take way less time and cost you less.

If your interested in a brand new site to significantly help your online marketing efforts and get more bookings, please Contact Us today!