Internet Marketing Weekly Feature: Leveraging Google+ for Your Business

Google Plus for Businesses

Businesses can now create branded pages on Google's social media platform, Google+.

Businesses can now create branded business pages on Google+, Google’s social media platform.

Last week Google+ began allowing its members to create pages for local businesses, brands, products, organizations, sports teams, and other entities. These pages look and function similar to Google+ personal profiles, allowing businesses to connect with consumers by sharing updates, links, and pictures. Businesses can also start Hangouts, in which up to 10 people can hold a video chat.

Consumers can follow a business by adding that business to their Circles, similar to Liking a fan page on Facebook. Also like Facebook, the business page displays a counter for the number of people who have added the page to their Circles along with the profile pictures of up to eight of those people.

Only one person can administer a business page at present. Unlike Facebook fan pages, on which multiple admins can post updates and manage settings, Google+ allows only one person to do so per business page.

How do I get a Google+ business page?

To get a Google+ page for your business, you must first have a personal Google+ profile. You can create one at

Next, go to to build your business page. Begin by choosing the type of page you want to create. The first option, “Local Business or Place,” is best for businesses with single brick-and-mortar storefronts, like bed and breakfasts, wineries, dude ranches, and stores. You can also create pages for a “Product or Brand,” “Company, Institution or Organization,” “Arts, Entertainment or Sports,” or “Other.”

Once you’ve created your page, encourage other Google+ users to follow you, and keep your followers engaged by asking questions, building conversations, and posting a variety of videos, photos, and links.

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