Internet Marketing Weekly: Inndx Members May Now Offer Social Media Links and Sharing Using Our Social Media Bar

InsideOut Solutions is pleased to announce that our Inndx members and our Association system websites may now take advantage of our new Simple Social Bar Plugin.

Inndx Simple Social Media Bar

Presenting the Inndx Simple Social Bar

You can see this plugin “in action” on the bottom of our blog.

The social media savvy out there among our clients have long been using the various “on-page” social media plugins we have offered on Inndx. Now you may consolidate your social media links and sharing icons, such as:

Inndx Simple Social Bar as It Appears on a Website

Inndx Simple Social Media Bar as It Appears on a Website

  • Facebook link and “Like” & “Send” share buttons
  • Twitter link and “Tweet” share buttons
  • Google+ link and “+1” share button
  • LinkedIn link and “Share” button
  • RSS Feed to encourage subscriptions to your blog
  • Email the website owner
  • and many more options.

All of these appear in a single bar that appears at the bottom of the screen on every page and blog post of your website. As a visitor scrolls down the page, this bar travels along, staying at the very bottom so they know where to find it. We recommend that you use the bar and then clean the clutter of those buttons and icons off of the content of your pages and blog posts to make your website more visitor-friendly.

What’s so important about social sharing?

Social sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. is a major component of effective Social Media Marketing. Here’s two important reasons why, if you are active in social media, that you should make sharing prominent on your website:

  • Social Sharing Disperses Your Web Content to New Eyes

    Social Sharing Disperses Your Web Content to a Wider Audience

    Engage The Social Media Audience Directly: Gain new & engage current Facebook & Google+ fans, Twitter followers, etc. by giving them a way to socially interact with the content of your website and blog content by sharing it with their own friends, fans and followers.  Those likes, sends and shares will disperse your content to a much wider audience than it might otherwise reach.

  • Increase Your Search Engine Visibility: Social media is emerging as a factor in search engine rankings. Search engines add value to a website when a link is shared with high frequency via social media, increasing the potential for better search engine rank. Having these social sharing button increases the potential of your website’s content being shared, thereby increasing its competitiveness for search engine rank.

The Simple Social Bar includes Google Analytics tracking for both the current asynchronous code and the older PageTracker code so that you may track the social media activity via your website.

How do I get this Simple Social Bar on my Inndx website?

(and clean up whatever social media links and sharing buttons I already have?)

Inndx from InsideOut Solutions is the flagship platform for innkeepers to manage their internet marketing efforts.

If you have an Inndx website, send an email requesting the Simple Social bar to updates@insideout.comand include:

  • Your Social Media Profile Web Addresses
    • Facebook (e.g.
    • Twitter (e.g.!/insideoutweb)
    • Google+
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
    • Vimeo
    • Flickr
    • Picasa
Social Media 01

Line up your social media efforts in the Inndx Simple Social Media Bar.

  • Social Sharing Links You Want to Offer (Requires a Profile at Each)
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • StumbleUpon
    • LinkedIn
  • Email Address You Want to Use for the Social Media Bar Link

InsideOut will then activate the plugin with your preferred settings and remove the clutter of these from your current website pages and blog posts.

Cost of this service is $100 for Inndx and other WordPress website clients and $160 for websites managed by our Association system.

If you are considering an Inndx website or have one currently in development, the Simple Social Media bar will be added automatically prior to launch.

If you are an Internet Marketing Services client (ongoing SEO, SEM, etc.) with an Inndx Website, you will be contacted by your service representative in December, 2011 to confirm that you want to switch your current social media links & sharing set up with this new Simple Social bar.

Set Google Analytics tracking, background color, social sharing and links in the Simple Social Bar

Simple Social Bar is found in the Settings menu your website’s administrative area.

May I edit the Simple Social Bar myself?

Yes. Once enabled, this social media bar plugin may be edited by site administrators and editors in a variety of ways, making it easy for you to:

  • Enable, disable or change the type of Google Analytics tracking to use asynchronous (Gaq) or PageTracker code.
  • Edit the background and border color of the social media bar
  • Enable or disable social media share buttons

Simple Social Bar: another example of the InsideOut Advantage with easy and effective internet marketing upgrades offered by Inndx.  Contact us for more information about this social media plugin or migrating your website to Inndx.

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