This compact brochure has it all: it’s an easy-carry size, matches the website design, and features a handy QR code, useful locator maps and a full list of chamber members. Plus, the clickable pdf version will soon be available for download at

A Chamber of Commerce brochure gets the word out about their vibrant small community.

Concrete in Northwest Washington may be small (pop. less than 800), but it has a lot to offer. Its fun annual events, beautiful mountain setting and visitor-friendly services deserved a hearty shout out. They got it with a website launched in spring of 2011. Next: they needed a matching brochure for newcomers and visitors.

The Right Fit

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: pick the right format for what you have to offer. I’m a big fan of print pieces that, whether cut or folded, end up being about 4″ x 9″. This allows the finished card or brochure to fit in any standard display rack or no. 10 business envelope. Plus the size is easy to carry and economical to print.

For Concrete’s brochure, I chose a 12″ x 9″ trifold format that allows for three panels, front and back. That gave plenty of room for nice-sized photos and helpful information…

The Right Info

Chamber President, Valerie Stafford, wisely opted for less text. Instead, the photos tell the story. Smiling friendly faces and colorful photos of main attractions and events give viewers the right idea.

The back panel is an easily accessible place for contact information and maps. Concrete isn’t far from a main interstate, but it’s just far enough that a regional locator map helps viewers understand where Concrete is in relation to I-5 and major cities. The second larger map gives a good overall layout of the town without having too many hard-to-read details.

A QR code is also on the back. Instead of mobile users trying to type a web address, they can just scan it with their phone (and free app) and go right to

The interior of the brochure has plenty of space to provide a complete list of the Chamber members and their contact information. One panel is also dedicated to Concrete’s annual events.

Clickable PDF

Not only were 5,000 brochures printed, but I also generated an interactive pdf. Every members’ email or website address is clickable, and so are all instances of The interactive pdf will soon to be offered on their website.

The brochures were a hit when they arrived at the Chamber Offices:

“….[T]hey’re beautiful!”

~ Valerie Stafford, President
Concrete Chamber of Commerce