Internet Marketing News: WordPress Websites Have a New Mobile Option

Mobile Devices

The mobile web shows no sign of slowing its growth; make sure you have a mobile website that's ready to compete!

Mobile website standards, as with everything else related to the internet, have continued to evolve at an increasing rate and InsideOut Solutions is proud to announce a new mobile website solution for our Inndx and WordPress website customers that offers greater design flexibility, content management, search engine optimization features.

This totally new version of our mobile website feature for WordPress websites is a major upgrade from the version we rolled out to our clients in May of 2011. The all-new administration interface makes management of your mobile website more efficient. The mobile site as it displays to visitors is more user-friendly with larger, easier to click links.

Have a look at one of our first clients to use this new mobile website service and compare the previous version with the new:

Previous WordPress Mobile Website Header

Previous mobile website was good, but we recognized a need for easier thumb clicking of menu items.

Mobile Website for 9 Cranes Inn

The new mobile website for WordPress is "thumb friendly" and customizable to meet your mobile marketing needs.

The new mobile website is packed with improved features to help clients improve their ability to effectively market their business in the mobile marketplace.

New and upgraded features include:

Multiple Layout Options

The new mobile website settings include four layout themes; each customizable for a selected photo or logo.

Google Mobile Search Friendly

  • A mobile-specific sitemap XML file allows for easy indexing of mobile content by search engines
  • Customizable title & content for mobile versions of each page, so that your mobile website can be optimized specifically for mobile search

Flexible Mobile Website Page Menu

Mobile Website Page Editor

Easily add a page and customize the content for mobile website pages.

Previously, our mobile websites were limited to 3 pages as tabs on a horizontal main menu and the rest in a “click to reveal” drop-down tab. The new mobile feature allows you to add as many of your pages to the mobile website’s new vertical page menu as you like via the Pages administration. You can also customize the menu item title to keep them shorter for mobile users.

Improved Mobile Website Special Feature

The “mobile-only” special editor now allows for text formatting, including use of headers, bold, italic, links, etc. just like the pages of your website.

Website Administration - Mobile Special Editor

Easily edit and apply text formatting, links, etc. to a special that will only display to mobile device users.

Full Site Option

Inn at Cape Cod Mobile Websites

Let InsideOut Solutions provide your Inndx or hosted WordPress website with an effective mobile solution!

The mobile device user has the option view the full version of the website and easily return to mobile version.

The Best Mobile Website Features Have Been Retained

The great features of the earlier version our mobile website service remain, including:

  • Automatic display of mobile website on mobile devices
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Automatic click-to-call feature on your phone numbers
  • Prominent check availability links
  • Google map link for easy access to directions
  • Link to Facebook Business Page
  • and much more

See the Advantage of Our Mobile Website Solution for Yourself

Use a smartphone, tablet computer or other internet-enabled mobile device to view our growing number of clients making the upgrade, including:


Going Mobile with Your Website Is Affordable

Price for an entirely new mobile website is $400 for individual businesses and $625 for association/organization websites built in WordPress. Upgrading from the previous version is priced at $160.  These prices include a free instructional video for editing your mobile website after it launches.

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