DNS Services ( “Invoice” Is a Solicitation

November 21st, 2012 by Shawn Kerr

Note: This is not a bill from InsideOut Solutions
The “bill” recieved from DNS Services is not associated with InsideOut Solutions. We are just reporting and educating people to be wary of these services. Please do not contact us disputing the bill.

When Is an Invoice Not at Invoice?

Some of InsideOut Solutions’ clients have alerted us to a purported Domain Name Service (DNS) back-up service provider that goes by the name DNS Services ( and lists a business address of Vancouver, Washington.

If you receive what looks like an invoice from this company via mail or email, do not respond to it or make a payment – it is simply a solicitation that our web hosting clients don’t need.

In short: Don’t be fooled – dispose of mail or email from DNS Services.

Read on for more information.

DNS Services ( Solicitation

Example “invoice” solicitation from DNS Services (

Typically, a business will receive a mailed piece that on the surface looks like an invoice for “Managed DNS Backup Business Services” (or something similar) and provides a detachable pay statement to mail in along with your check. If you read through the “invoice” thoroughly, you may see the following disclaimer:

“This is a solicitation for the order of goods or services, or both, and not a bill, invoice, or statement of account due. You are under no obligation to make any payments on account of this offer unless you accept this offer.”

There have been some reports that this disclaimer was not present on some mailers. If that turns out to be true, DNS Services could be charged with mail fraud.

This “Managed DNS Backup Services” is an unecessary service for website hosting clients of InsideOut Solutions, as DNS back-up is included with our hosting services.

Should you want to learn more, this DNS Services money-grab is getting lots of coverage in scam-watching and mail fraud websites:

As always, InsideOut invites you to contact us with any questions about your website’s hosting, DNS, domain registration, etc. Our thanks go out to those clients who alerted us.  If you are looking to improve the security and internet marketing effectiveness of your website, let us know.

15 thoughts on “DNS Services ( “Invoice” Is a Solicitation

  1. fortetg

    Thanks for posting this! I received a call from our accounting department regarding the invoice and a quick Google search led me to your site. I wonder how many companies have been taken advantage of…

    1. Shawn Kerr

      Thank you for commenting on this post. After publishing it, I was contacted by a representative from a Midwest U.S. company who says the majority of their hosting clients (around 1,000) have received this mailer, so it looks like DNS Services is targeting specific hosts/servers as a basis for mailing these out.

  2. Nicole Brayton

    I received this over the weekend. I hung onto it until I had time to look it over closely. Mine did say this it was not an invoice, but I had to look at it pretty closely to figured that out. I had planned to call Inside Out if I had not found that info on this statement. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Shawn Kerr

      Hi Nicole. DNS Services hid that solicitation notice in a fairly clever way: as a bullet point in a bulleted list in all caps type, which I think was deliberate. It’s almost the opposite of “fine print” disclaimers you usually see, but it is in a position that is easy to miss. This is a great lesson in reading everything on an “invoice” – especially from a company you’re not immediately familiar with.

      1. Shane Matteson

        I am one of the suckers who got burned on this and sent them $65. The company won’t answer their phone. Let me know what I can do to help shut down these phonies.

        1. Shawn Kerr

          Hi Shane. Sorry to hear you got caught up in this and that you haven’t been able to get through. Registering a complaint with the BBB would be recommended action if they remain unresponsive. Best of luck!

          1. KEITH J PIERCE

            Just a few days ago our Company received one of these FAKE bills stating “Managed DNS Backup Business Services Annual Fee
            We appreciate your report.
            Happy New Year from Pierce Auction Service in Winston-Salem, NC

      2. Dr David

        Thank to everyone. I was ready to pay this bill but it just didn’t look like one i normally get. I researched it and it brought me to this site. I thank you

  3. Mary White

    Your information is appreciated. I am furious that this business sent an invoice-look-alike and used my business address and website info. Receiving no answer to telephone call, I left them a message that I would report to BBB.

    1. Katie

      I also recieved this today in the mail – a phony statement asking for $65 for managed DNS Backup Services

      1. alice

        I sent a check but got lucky it was returned as undeliverable they must have changed oo box.

  4. Poppie Blue

    I have also received an invoice to what is being described by many others. I’m glad I checked with our IT department and decided to Google the company. it appears to look just like a DNS service invoice, but as stated above, it does say “this is a solicitation for the order of goods or services, or both and not a bill or invoice”. terrible scam and terrible for giving DNS a bad reputation. thanks for everyone’s blogs. I almost paid, thank goodness, I looked a little deeper into this.

  5. Mike Potter

    Thanks for the info, I to tried to call this company and the do not answer their phone.. Pure scam..

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