Our bread-and-butter print graphic design here at InsideOut are the “must have” print pieces in the lodging and destination industry: business cards and rack cards. We also design brochures, product labels, menus, visitor maps and even billboards and outdoor banners for bed and breakfasts, dude ranches and other businesses and organizations. Occasionally, we get a chance to do something different: bookmark graphic design, which is a very handy and low-cost print marketing piece. Our newest local client, Hart’s Fine Books, was in need of just such a product. Hart's bookmark graphic design

Our Bookmark Design for a Book Dealer

Hart’s Fine Books sells vintage and rare books. They have a charming store in Sequim, WA and will also have an online bookstore.

This bookmark graphic design was actually simple when you think about the product. Vintage books already feature beautifully designed covers and intricate gold and embossed graphics and type. A book’s spine is narrow and tall—the perfect shape for a bookmark. Once we found the right photo, all we needed was just a little graphic manipulation to achieve the vintage book spine that would become the bookmark’s design.

The back of the bookmark contains the logo and all the contact info and a quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero that any book lover would agree with, “A room without a book is like a body without a soul.”

Considerations for Effective Bookmark Graphic Design

Bookmark standard sizes are 1.5 to 2.5 inches wide by 7 to 9 inches tall. They need to be on a fairly heavy cover stock to do what they do—mark your place in a book.

A simple bookmark costs little to produce, yet it can get your business’ information to customers and prospects in a format that they’ll find useful enough to hold onto. A ruler, measurement conversions, or a favorite recipe are great examples that lend themselves to a bookmark shape. On the reverse side of the bookmark, be sure to include your contact information, services and a QR code for quick access to your website.

If you’ve been considering adding a bookmark to your printed pieces, or if you are looking to update any of your print materials, have a look at our print graphic design services and contact us for more information.