No more is responsive website design a subject of speculation. It has become a recognized industry standard for website design that is a hallmark of successful and leading websites.  On October 6th, we launched a new responsive website for the Texas B&B Association that ushered them into a better position to be a leading resource in their industry.

Texas B&B Association Site Launch

Texas B&B Association

InsideOut Solutions has been the host, web designer, and web developer of the Texas B&B Association for over six years. Marketing Director Joe Cloud’s overall desire was to achieve a more contemporary aesthetic, as well as to improve some functional elements of the site.  So we provided a new design and code that achieved Joe’s vision for the site. Also, Designer Beth Edwards gave the Association’s logo a refresh to ensure its consistency with the site’s new look while maintaining the identity and feel of the original logo. In addition, we added social networking buttons to the header and footer, upgraded the site to a responsive design, included a new map to replace a Flash map, removed all Flash from the site, and executed various other upgrades. The result is a visually-appealing design that is well-structured, clean, and loads quickly. The 100% width imagery allows site visitors to enjoy the full beauty of the photos of Texas’ landscape. Further, the site’s responsive design, which Google prefers, provides a consistent user experience and visual quality across a variety of devices.

Texas B&B Association Logo Refresh

Is It Time for You to Get a Responsive Website Design?

The newly launched responsive website for the Texas B&B Association brings it up to speed with web standards and its improved aesthetic enhances its credibility and visual appeal to site visitors. Note that responsive website design is not a passing fad. It has emerged as a relevant technique for designing tasteful and functional websites. Read June’s post: Responsive Web Design – Is It Time to Redesign or Upgrade Your Website? and contact us with any questions or to request a quote.