We continue the trend of redesigning our clients’ sites to improve user experience and enhance their marketability. Part of this process also involves making their sites responsive. Such is the case with our client, Sam Hughes Inn, for whom we provided a modern and responsive design.

Sam Hughes Inn (Tuscon, AZ)

The innkeeper, Susan Banner, explained that she liked the design and color scheme of the site she’d had for nine years and wanted to retain those characteristics as much as possible. Also, as the B&B is within walking distance of the University of Arizona, so she wanted us to be cost-conscious about our approach to the new site since a large portion of her marketing is done by proximity and word-of-mouth. The redesigned site accommodates all of those needs, maintaining the “look and feel” of the former site, while refreshing it with a cutting-edge web design approach. More specifically, we adapted her previous websites to one of our Modern Theme Concept Sites to remain cost-conscious and to provide the best solution for her. The Modern Theme is clean, professional, and well-structured. It lends itself to ease of use and really focuses on accentuating the photographic beauty of the bed & breakfast and its surroundings. Additionally, the responsive design of the site strengthens the website’s versatility across devices. So whether you’re looking at your smartphone, your tablet, or on your desktop, you’ll get a clear-cut, beautiful site to navigate.

Sam Hughes Inn Responsive Design Site Launch

Do You Have a Responsive Design for Your Site?

Many businesses haven’t yet upgraded their website to a responsive design. It takes time and care to do it right. Sam Hughes Inn is now on a better track to engage users from various points of view. Read our June post: Responsive Web Design – Is It Time to Redesign or Upgrade Your Website? and contact us with any questions or to request a quote.