We’ve had the pleasure of taking care of Wind Rose Cellars’ wine label designs for the last several years. Originally, our friends at Purple Haze Lavender recommended us to winemaker, David Volmut. We’ve been producing his wine labels, banners, wine cards, posters and other print materials ever since.

As you can see, some product lines share a similar look and feel. Other wines tell a particular story and need a design that stands apart. The Keeper (the blue label below) refers to a lighthouse keeper. A portion of the wine’s sales were donated toward the maintenance of the local lighthouse. Of course, a light, bright Sauvignon Blanc was the perfect choice for the fundraiser. In the case of the 2016 Hunters Red, the featured illustration was created by David’s brother who is an archaeologist.

Our job is to help David realize his vision for each project and to maintain the highest standards. The wine label designs are sturdy, look great on the shelves and are in compliance with government requirements. (In case you don’t know, the government has very particular standards for wine and liquor labels.) Every design has been both a delight and a challenge. We look forward to many more years collaborating with David!