Lavender Farm Website

The main function of a website is sharing information. Depending on your industry, business, and marketing strategy that can look and feel a wide range of ways. When we begin the process of designing and developing a new website for a client, we consider what type of information is mainly shared and what the purpose of that information is. Often, it’s to promote a service, product, or person, or even a combination of all three. Clients usually know they want to rank well in search engine results and may have vague familiarity with search engine optimization. What they are asking is for websites that build authority online. Websites that reinforce expert knowledge and trustworthiness, overall authority, increase profits for their businesses.

Many of our clients are experts in their niche, running successful businesses. Yet, translating real-world experience and credentials to the online world is a necessary part of building successful websites. An authority website is a site widely recognized in its niche as one of the top sources of information that is trustworthy, accurate, and useful. They’re a go-to source of information and opinion for their industry. Google recognizes these websites and ranks them higher in search engine results. After all, Google is in the business of sending people to a website that will help them. One of the most important factors to pay attention to today when building websites is E.A.T – Google’s acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. That is if you want the websites you build to rank well in Google search results. Each page of your website is crawled by Google bots and analyzed for E.A.T signals instead of the entire website as a whole. That gives you multiple opportunities to share expert knowledge, use your authority, and build trust signals for search result ranking.

Websites that build authority often display these features:

  1. Has a secure SSL certificate. This is the first step to helping visitors feel safe on your website.
  2. Uses page copy that is relevant to the business, targeted to their demographic, and based on truth.
  3. Includes an About page that lists credentials and gives more back story. This will build authority and trust.
  4. Shows off awards and memberships from industry organizations. This influences your visitors’ trust, so we are proud to show them off as part of your web design.
  5. Encourages reviews and testimonials from customers. Include reviews and testimonials on your website with a widget or plug-in.
  6. Has a Privacy Policy and Accessibility page to let visitors know you care about their privacy and ability to fully access your website.
  7. Has a blog to publish original articles that are well written, well researched, and establish expertise related to your business.

Increase your industry presence and authority off-line by attending conferences, presenting at workshops, or participating in niche events. Ensure mentions of and links to your website are incorporated.

Latest Designs – Websites that build authority:

Club Continental

This luxury hotel, event venue, and private club located on the banks of the St. Johns River in Orange Park, FL exudes vintage Floridian sophistication. Built in 1923 as the winter home of Caleb Johnson, heir to the Palmolive Soap Company, The Club Continental is now a romantic and intimate destination. The website, like the property, needed to embrace this history as it provided authority while embodying modern design and comforts. 

A property of this size with so many possibilities and uses required a website that is well organized and user-friendly. A member of the private club needs to find their information just as easily as a bride-to-be planning her wedding. Using layout to create sections and direct guests to important details was key. Dynamic imagery creates an inviting feel to welcome guests in.

Victor’s Lavender

He’s killed more lavender than anyone else, he brags. Since planting his first lavender plants in 1997, Victor Gonzalez has developed growing practices that have allowed his plants to thrive and have made him world-renowned in the field – lavender field that is. Victor’s Lavender has been a local favorite in our hometown of Sequim, WA for years. In the initial phases of business, InsideOut Solutions was there to assist with a new website and marketing. Now, that the business is successful and Victor is an expert in his niche, we knew it was time to evolve the website to enhance his authority in lavender growing.

Short of creating a way for you smell the lavender, we created a website that is experiential. Zoomed in video captures lavender dancing in the breeze. Shades of purple and playful icons set the tone for a visit to Victor’s Lavender where it’s like spending the day with family.

Does your site build authority online?

InsideOut Solutions has been serving clients large and small, both in and out of the travel industry for over 20 years. Having a focus on the travel & hospitality industries has enabled us to concentrate on the specific needs of the industry, growing our skills to help you grow your business. First impressions are lasting impressions, let us help you make the right impression with a website that is beautiful on the inside and out.

All of our websites follow the most up-to-date design and development standards. This includes responsive design, WordPress, HTML5, SSL certification, Accessibility statements, and Search Engine Optimization. With a website from InsideOut Solutions, you’ll rest easy knowing that your site is safe, secure, and serving your visitors. With a new design process and improved pricing launched this year, we are eager to help you transition your brand and exceed your company’s goals.

Are you looking for a new responsive website, SSL certification, ADA Accessibility Review, or other web service? Just let us know!