As times change in the world of the hospitality industry, what guests desire and what hotels provide are often at crossroads. The evolving needs of today’s travelers have set a new bar for what hotel amenities make a stay exceptional. Curious if you’re meeting expectations? Well, let’s delve into these changing expectations and how properties can adapt to meet these evolving demands.

The World of Hotel Amenities

In a recent article by The Seattle Times, “What Hotel Amenities Do Travelers Actually Want Provided?”, they discuss what amenities should be upgraded or removed to keep up with guest expectations.

Hotels, with their wide array of offerings, are finding it challenging to keep pace with modern guest expectations. Some aspects, like the traditional landline phones that now serve limited purposes, persist despite travelers’ reliance on alternative communication methods like text messaging.

Outdated amenities such as pay-per-view TV and tiered internet, once commonplace, now feel out of touch with today’s tech-savvy guests. Yet, they linger on, highlighting the inertia in the industry to keep up with changing preferences.

Meeting the Challenge: Catering to Evolving Needs

Rising hotel rates combined with outdated amenities paint a picture of a mismatched guest experience. From single-use toiletries to obsolete alarm clocks, hotels often miss the mark in aligning offerings with the desires of contemporary travelers.

However, some hoteliers have heeded the call for change. Certain properties have responded to guest feedback by revamping amenities. For instance, one hotel replaced shower caps, small lotion bottles, and baby soap bars with spacious showers and dispensers filled with high-quality bath products, catering to the evolving tastes of today’s guests.

Understanding the Guest’s Perspective

In today’s world, guests seek a blend of comfort, convenience, and contemporary amenities. While fundamental features like a comfortable bed, a peaceful room, and a well-equipped shower remain crucial, integrating modern necessities is becoming more vital with each passing year.

For example, elements such as complimentary high-speed wireless connectivity and various numbers and styles of power outlets has become equally important to today’s guests.

Navigating the Future: Aligning Expectations

As guest expectations change, it’s essential for the hospitality industry to adapt its offerings. Prioritizing guest feedback and embracing these changing preferences can pave the way for a more harmonious and satisfying guest experience.

Ultimately, this should result in happier guests and therefore, more heads in beds for your property.

Stay Informed and Stay Thriving!

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