Hey there! I’m Andrew, Digital Marketer here at InsideOut Solutions, and guess what? I just experienced my first stay at a Bed and Breakfast! As a 25-year-old Gen Z guy, it was quite a change from the usual Airbnb or hotel scene that I’d typically stay at. During our recent adventures to the Mid-Atlantic Innkeepers Conference, my boss and I stayed at The South Mountain Inn (a client of ours) in Wernersville, Pennsylvania. Here’s what made this stay so different from my usual lodging adventures.

Personalized Experience: Delicious Coffee and Comfy Sheets

What struck me right away was how the innkeepers went the extra mile to make me feel at home. They’d ask about my coffee or tea preference the night before, and when I woke up, there it was—a tray outside my door with a hot carafe of coffee to keep it nice and hot, a clean mug, creamer, and sugar, just how I liked it. The attention to detail was impressive and certainly had me waking up with a smile.

And before we move on…those sheets! They were so comfy; I felt like I was sleeping on clouds. It’s not often you find such luxurious bedding in a traditional lodging setup, so I thought that was worth a mention.

Breakfast: A Culinary Delight

Breakfast at this place was a surprise package. They offered three options: savory, sweet, or anything standard, cooked to your liking. My first breakfast, a sweet potato hash with an egg on top, blew me away. It also came with fresh fruit, a homemade biscuit, and juice. What amazed me even more, like I thought that was even possible, was that EVERY breakfast blew me away! Each morning was a unique experience, with various stunning dishes and quality beyond my expectations, especially those banana muffins—hands down, the best I’ve ever tasted.

Privacy, Quiet, and Comfort

Before this stay, I had the impression that Bed and Breakfasts might lack privacy, with the walls possibly being a bit too thin or noise from other guests seeping through. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

Despite sharing the space with other guests, the atmosphere was tranquil and undisturbed. It was incredibly peaceful; I didn’t hear a sound from other rooms during my stay. It was quite the opposite of what I expected from a communal accommodation setting. This quiet and seclusion made it feel more like a private getaway than a shared space, offering the solitude I needed after a long day at the conference.

Property Charm: Victorian Elegance and Natural Beauty

The property itself was breathtaking. It had this cozy, serene vibe with stunning views, especially with the colorful fall leaves. I was also captivated by the house itself among this scenery—a gorgeous Victorian-era-style home that added a touch of historic elegance to the already vibrant surroundings.

I have to note, being able to walk out the front door to THAT view every morning? That was amazing! Of course, I had seen the photos and whatnot since we work with them so much, but I can’t put into words how truly breathtaking the view was.

Unexpected Joys: Mini Donkeys and Cozy Firepit

Among the unexpected joys was getting a tour on our last day. And you’re never going to guess this…well maybe you will if you read this section’s heading, but they had these adorable mini donkeys and chickens on the property! The mini donkeys stole the show; getting to meet them and see their unique personalities was an absolute delight.

Additionally, their firepit looked amazing, but our busy schedule didn’t allow us to enjoy it fully. If we had though, I’m sure that would’ve been another highlight since their setup looked so cozy and fun!

A Modern Twist to a Classic Experience

This Bed and Breakfast was a very different lodging experience for me, in the best way. It had that cozy charm, blending modern comfort with classic elegance. The attention to detail, the landscape, the animals, the charming Victorian house—all added up to a delightful stay, making it a unique and memorable experience.

Obviously, every Bed and Breakfast pack a different experience, but that makes me all the more excited to stay at another one! I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone with little to no experience with these properties to check them out and consider them for your next stay. I certainly will!

Stay Informed and Stay Thriving!

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