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Branding Your Business

When branding your business, consistency is key. Our portfolio of branded sets below shows how you can use a consistent look and feel to tell your story. A good logo design is a fine start. Our graphic designers can help you develop a logo that works well in all media and expresses the personality of your business. We make sure that everything we design for you–from brochures to rack cards to your website–is branded for quick and easy recognition.

But branding is far more than having a logo, or even setting up standard fonts and colors. What you’re striving for is having your guests, customers and website visitors remember your business’ personality. That means your marketing efforts need to speak with the same voice. That can literally mean your writing style, what types of things you blog about, how quickly you respond to posts on your Facebook wall–all these things are part of your branding.

InsideOut’s team of web designers, writers, graphic designers and marketing specialists can help you with the “outer” aspects of branding. That’s the part where we design a pretty face–the beautiful website and matching print pieces. (You can see that in the branded portfolio pieces below.) But we can also help you get into the nitty gritty…the aspects of branding that might not be as obvious: blog writing, using social media, marketing plans, picking the right keywords for online search. Contact us to learn more about truly branding your business for today’s marketing!

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